14.2 million second user phones – Solved

Can you imagine someone crazy enough to carry around two smartphones? That’s two phones to keep charged, two phones to keep track of, two phones to stow in your pocket, purse or carry-on, and two phones to help confuse you in your daily hustle and bustle. Madness!

Actually, for many it’s not a question of sanity; it’s a matter of necessity. Perhaps your company issued you a phone for business purposes but won’t let you use it for personal calls. Or you’ve started your own business and need a dedicated line. Whatever the case, juggling two phones feels like a special form of torture — and let’s not overlook the expense.

As important, second phones have a huge impact on the environment:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the 14.2 million second phones in the UK alone would power nearly 30,000 homes for a year
  • The average smartphone is estimated to create 94kg of CO2 over its lifetime, enough to run a Boeing 737 for an hour.
  • It takes 10 tonnes of water and 18 square meters of land to extract rare earth metals to make a single smartphone
  • The average smartphone is estimated to create around 94 kilos of carbon dioxide equivalent over its lifetime.
  • According to Greenpeace, ‘every year, hundreds of thousands of old computers and mobile phones are dumped in landfills or burned in smelters.
  • Full Review HERE

There is a solution: ConXhub – Add a second number to your Smartphone, not a second Smartphone to your life.

  • Clearly separate calls from each number
  • Keep your personal mobile number private
  • Make and receive calls, IM and SMS from any number
  • Use numbers for any purpose
  • Determine when to receive calls from each number
  • Use Do Not Disturb, forwarding to a 3rd party or Voicemail to email to switch off
  • Works on any network, no need to change phone, SIM, Number or mobile operator
  • Add any numbers; local, national, international, landline or mobile, existing or new.

Help the environment, save money, improve work life balance and stay sane!

ConXhub patented, highly disruptive multi-number technology has completely re-engineered communications putting the mobile phone and the mobile cellular network at the heart and removing the need for VoIP & internet reliance, driving greater efficiency, improved user experience and increased savings.

Communicate from any phone number, anywhere, even on the go.

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