1792 Area code: Swansea continues to rage against the dying of the light

1792 Area code: Swansea continues to rage against the dying of the light

The 1792 Area code covers the city of Swansea and as far west as Bishopston, North as Clydach, South as Mumbles and East as Port Tennant. It is a large area of fishing and beautiful coastline along the Welsh coast. The city has a famous market that has been the centre of local trade for several decades. It was heavily bombed in the 1940s but re-built quickly after due to the local importance of the trade produced there.

Wind Street is both famous and infamous for nights out in Wales. It has been a focal point for Hen parties and Stag nights for years and has been one of the UK’s best nights out for young party revelers. There are 20 bars and 10  eateries crammed into a short 160 meter stretch of road that makes it a popular place for pub crawls and party people to enjoy their weekends out. Party here and verify your booking for your group through using a local 1792-Area code number. Restaurants like to confirm bookings, due to the influx of tourists and travellers, so having a local 1792-Area code number makes your booking stand out from the hundreds of other bookings from further afield.

Nature lovers flock to see the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK called Gower Peninsula. When the UK conservation committee was looking for places that stand out, the first one that they named was here, and when you visit it, you can not fail to agree with their decision.  Rhossili Bay Beach was named the best beach in the UK and has held a Top 10 position on the global level. The locals communicate through their 1792-Area code number and love to entertain hikers, surfers and visiting families with stories and anecdotes of history and culture.

Talking of story-tellers, one can not mention Swansea without noting the person that embodies the place more than anyone else; Dylan Thomas. As a Global Literary great, every school around the English-Speaking world will have studied some of his works with their students. Much of his writing was influenced by experiences within the 1792-Area code and still hold true today. “I hold a beast, an angel and a madman within me”, the diverse personalities could be said to mirror the diversity of the local area.

Loyalty of the locals can be seen in the ownership of the local football club. One of the rare clubs that is owned by the supporters and that puts more money back into the local community than others. The Swans have flirted with the top flight for years to come and their loyal and local fan base appreciated people booking tickets within the 1792-Area Code.

In 2017 Swansea failed in a bid to replace Liverpool as the UK City of Culture, missing out to Hull, but many people strongly believe that the city should remain as one of the most culturally important places in the UK. Many literary greats come from Swansea, thousands attend the local music festivals and big names often perform at the Liberty Stadium and the Brangwyn Hall.

Swansea is both coastal and gives access to many conserved green spaces all within the 1792-Area Code. The botanical gardens, boating lakes, and floral displays inspire people to meditate and contemplate life, and to write amazing poetry that moves the soul.

Alcohol is a part of the culture of Swansea, with party goers enjoying their drinks each weekend and microbreweries like Mumbles Brewery providing local stouts flavoured and paired with local sea food, the cafes, bars and restaurants embody the farm to table, or sea-to-table concepts of fine food.

Having a 1792-Area Code number on your mobile phone means easy access to one of the best places in the UK to enjoy a weekend away from work or the city. A day on the beach can easily be booked through your 1792-Area code number provided by conxHub, people might even speak Welsh to you when you call.

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