706 Area Code: For a Touch of Southern Hospitality

706 Area code

706 Area Code: For a Touch of Southern Hospitality

The 706 Area Code covers much of northern Georgia where there are many things to explore and some amazing people to meet. With sporting events like the Golfing Master’s happening in Augusta regularly, and new graduates from the University of Georgia every year, there is a continuous flow of exciting and interesting events in the region.

Athens is more than a city in Greece, it is nicknamed the “Classic City”, it is also the city where the University of Georgia dominates the sights and sounds, especially on a weekend when their Georgia Bulldogs are playing football.  The Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship in 2021 and 2022, they are surely a highlight in the 706-Area Code, and if you are there on game day, use your 706-Area Code phone number to book tickets for an exciting match.

The 706-Area Code is full of cultural places, civil war memories, great music bars and clubs, beautiful walks in the amazing countryside, green, rolling golf courses, and the food and the wine is amazing. The 706-Area Code is a beautiful place to visit for a family holiday, to have a business conference away from the bustling cities, or to send your children to university so you have the opportunity to visit them regularly and enjoy the 706-Area Code.

Georgia always on my mind

There are many songs in popular music about the beauty of Georgia, especially in American Country music. Ray Charles sang Georgia on my mind from the 706-Area Code. Michael Buble has copied him after falling in love with the 706-Area Code. Charlie Daniels first wrote “The Devil went down to Georgia”, and that song has been sung by many stars. I am sure that you remember who got a “Midnight train to Georgia”.

Clearly the music scene in Georgia is now and has always been vibrant, maybe the 706-Area Code will inspire you too.

April Golfing

Every first week of April the eyes of the golfing world turn to the 706-Area Code and Augusta, where the first major tournament of the year starts. With prize money of over $18million, and over 50,000 people on the course every day, it is a huge attraction to the local community in the 706-Area Code. The course is exclusively for members. Having a 706 Area Code phone number would show that you are local and would look good on your membership application for the Augusta Golf Club.

River Walks

The 706 Area Code has the city of Columbus within its range and the river walks along the Chattahoochee River brings you to the Naval Museum, remains of 19th-Century war ships, and history of the civil war. The Coca-Cola space science museum and Coca-Cola building are close to the river too, giving you the history of the brand of the most popular drink in the world. The 706-Area Code is home to Coca-Cola and a lot of things in the city are sponsored by them.

Military History

The 706 Area Code is full of amazing history and Fort Benning has museums, outdoor activities, and shows detailed military history that is fascinating for those interested in the topic. With live events and performances of music, military culture, and the soldiers putting on amazing food, it is an interesting day out for the family.

Parks for the Family

The 706 Area Code has some amazing countryside to visit and play with your family, the Tallulah Gorge State Park is home to the Tallulah falls and is such a scenic place! The Panola Mountain State Park offers hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping for all. The Sweetwater Creek State Park is fantastic for fishing, boating, picnicking, walking along wooded trails and spending quality time in nature with loved ones.  The 706-Area Code is picturesque, so take your walking shoes with you when you go.

Business in the 706-Area Code

Atlanta Georgia is the 3rd most common city for Fortune 500 companies in the USA. With all the natural beauty and excellent local education providing graduate-employees, you can see why big businesses like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and United Parcel Service (UPS) have their head offices in the 706-Area Code.

Business or Pleasure, Georgia is always on my mind

Whether it is for Business or for pleasure, taking a trip to the 706-Area Code will be a great time for you and your family. Buying a number for your mobile phone in the 706-Area Code is simple, fast, and cost effective. Through conXhub you can have a 706-Area Code number on your mobile device in seconds and start using it to book seats at the golf course, meals in local restaurants, or days out where you can float along rivers, singing the blues.

Contact us today to get your 706-Area Code phone number quickly downloaded to your mobile phone.

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