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activeQ is a personal listing of the most important and highest priority calls that need to be made.

The activeQ list is available on ConXhub users mobile phones and works similarly to the ‘recent’ listing where on selecting a call, all the relevant information is made visible and the call is queued ready for dialling using the correct profile number.

Various add-ons are available which can add calls to the activeQ listing.

activeQ offers a unique and unparalleled means of ensuring you maximise your communications.

ActiveQ has been designed to give you control over your communications just where you need them, via your mobile phone.

From adding a callback manually to managing Call Transfers, ConXhub and its’ activeQ system is an evolution in telecoms.

With full integration you will be able to cut & paste calls, manage missed calls, handle call transfers, fill your list from a csv file or call from your CRM system.

Call transfers is one of the most requested features of any PBX phone system. The ability to transfer calls to another party has been around for decades – but they simply don’t work for a modern business.

Learn about how Call Transfers are handled within activeQ and a host of additional features in our Brochure HERE:

ConXhub activeQ Brochure
ConXhub activeQ Brochure

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