Are you considering outdated tech for your office communications?

You’d be forgiven if you are considering outdated tech – not a great deal has changed in the world of communications for some 40 odd years.

Phone calls are pushed in to an exchange which connects two parties together and the only things that have changed is the automation of the connection as opposed to an operator manually connecting lines and the form of the communication, going from; analogue to digital and more recently via IP.

In the last 15 years Mobile Phones have become the worlds No.1 choice of appliance when it comes to communications. However business phone system manufacturers have continued to ply the world with ‘dumb’ desk phones and companies have continued to order them on the basis that this is “what we have always done” and it’s normal to expect a phone system to come with desk phones.

What a crazy world – we have mobile phone technology which allows users to communicate from pretty much anywhere, even on the go, using purpose built HD quality cellular systems, yet we have business solutions which tie a user to their desk and often using inferior quality connectivity.

Yes, in an effort to give a user and the business some mobile flexibility, some phone system manufacturers have added VoIP softphones to their systems allowing users to make and receive calls over a data connection but again completely bypassing a perfectly good, solid, reliable cellular platform and often leaving a user running around trying to find a WiFi connection or disgruntled at finding their data package completely eaten into.

ConXhub is a convergence of; modern cloud Database technology, Mobile Cellular infrastructure and call handling platform. It was born from years of high end experience in manufacturing and maintaining switchboard, PBX & cloud VoIP solutions and as a mobile virtual network operator. The desire was to converge the switchboard technology with the mobile, and the result was ground breaking.

The initial benefits were significant for both the customer and company.

A traditional desk phone solution is dependent on a good quality internet connection and 99% of support tickets were raised with customers having poor quality calls or an inability to connect at all. In every case these issues were due to an issue with their local internet connection. Having replaced desk phones with mobile phones, support tickets zero’d out – that’s right, literally overnight we had solved all quality issues, and if a clients internet did go down, their phones didn’t, as each device is independently connected to the mobile cellular network and has no dependency on the office connection.

As time progressed more functions and features were added, the core one being an ability to make and receive calls from any phone number on the fly, allowing users to use their own mobile phones (BYOD) whilst keeping their personal mobile number private.

360degs of separation between personal and work calls, allows ConXhub to keep clients 100% GDPR and HMRC compliant, whilst giving the business all the tools and stats they would need to manage users.

In simple terms ConXhub has bridged the gap between the office switchboard and mobile communications and gives companies and their staff the best of both worlds, whilst reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing flexibility.

ConXhub the future of communications, here today.

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