Are you ready for the Great BT Switch Off?

BT Openreach has set the date for switching off the UK telephone network as we know it….and its 2025

In the UK today most of the residential and business voice services are underpinned by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

This is a legacy analogue technology which BT will not be able to support and maintain beyond 2025.

The impact will be huge!

The PSTN switch off is the BIGGEST UK telecom change in over 30 years and Openreach are adamant the December 2025 date is set in stone.

This means over 17 Million lines will need to migrate to a new service.

ALL Business and Residential services, PDQ payment machines and many alarm lines ARE affected by this.

What does this mean?

This means that any copper based lines will need to be moved to a broadband based service with VoIP, or a Mobile SIM-based service.

The Current Timeline

September 2022/3 – No new installations for copper will be accepted by Openreach.

31st December 2025 – End of Life – This is the date for Openreach to have a complete stop and withdrawal of the WLR copper based telephone services.

After 31st December 2025 – All copper based lines that have not been moved will cease to work from this date.

The Solution

ConXhub provides the ultimate low cost solution by putting your lines and numbers in to the cloud and then linking them to a Mobile SIM-based service.

ConXhub is a highly versatile, award winning service which allows you to use your mobile phones to both MAKE and receive calls, SMS and IM, from any of your phone numbers.

With line rental as low as £2 per month and a host of options, features and functions to enhance your line usage like welcome greetings, hunt groups and voicemail to email, ConXhub is the leading replacement choice.

The Offer

For a short period you can now transfer your line/number to ConXhub FREE of charge saving over £25 per line.

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