Call Centre Gamification

We use Gamification to ensure our client Call Centres perform to the max?

Firstly, we removed the desk phone handset and replaced it with mobile phones – this allows sales people to wander the office rather than being physically tied to their desk and even work from home when they can´t get in. This has improved agent satisfaction across the board.

Next, we spent days researching alert noises and found the perfect ´Ping´for alerting agents to a new call. We found that when traditional desk phones ring they simply create background noise and fail to actually alert an agent.

Finally, we created a game out of answering calls and who could answer the fastest – once agents are alerted they are taking just a few seconds to answer a call, they are desperate to turn a blue dot (call waiting) in to a green dot which means they have WON the call, and are totally deflated when a blue dot turns red, meaning they have LOST the call to a colleague.

Agents are made aware of which campaign profile the caller is calling on right at the point of answering the call, so no delays in working out how to answer the call, and even with thousands of campaign profiles they have no problems quickly selecting a profile when making an outbound call.

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