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ConXhub is the virtual phone service for ambitious startups & small businesses. Pick a virtual number from a choice of thousands. Call Forward & manage calls to suit how your business works. Simple!

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Look BIG! Sound Professional when using Call Forwarding services

Use numbers to be more LOCAL to your customers & your business will appear more professional & credible to your customers.

With audio greetings & voicemail, every call is answered the right way 24/7, even if you can’t get to the phone. Forward calls via Build a reputation for great customer service.

Take Control, Stay Flexible

Forward calls but manage incoming calls to mobiles & landline numbers via a Virtual PBX. Decide how to answer calls with high tech call forwarding features. Answer more calls & take advantage of every new business opportunity.

No long term contracts, setup costs or hidden call charges. Cancel at any time.

You’ve never experienced Call Forwarding Tech like ours

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My calls will still be picked up even if i am unavailable
Paul Johnson
The most efficient & budget friendly telecoms solution around
Sharon McKay
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Always available no matter if we are in the office or not
Hannah White
Property Rentals
The features are endless & easy to use & the customer service is ace!
Janice Langmore
Call Centre

Add a truly Professional Image

Call Forwarding starts with a professional Greeting.... then add all the call routing capabilities you need to ensure every call is answered & you maximise your opportunities.

Busy announcements, call queues, virtual reception, music on hold, voicemail to email... & a host of radical features only available at ConXhub

If you are looking for a totally feature-packed, comprehensive & user friendly call forwarding solution, ConXhub is for you

Frank Millar

Digital Media Expert

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Call Forwarding

It is a means of redirecting a phone call to another destination.

Calls could be forwarded to a mobile, an alternative telephone number or even a group of people & offer the benefit of increasing the chance of a call being answered by a human as opposed to an answering machine or voicemail.

When call forwarding is enabled on a phone number, any calls made to that number will be diverted to another number or even multiple numbers. Callers are not aware that their call is being forwarded when making calls to a number that has call forwarding enabled. 

For many businesses, mobile phones are a necessity. Whether you’re visiting with a client, working remotely, or on the road, you don’t want to miss any important calls even if you’re not in the office. With call forwarding to mobile, calls can seamlessly route to your cell phone and increase your availability to customers.

With call forwarding, incoming calls can also be diverted to landlines. Maybe you have a business number in another city to establish a local presence, but you want calls to that number to be forwarded to a central landline in your city. In this scenario, call forwarding to landlines can be a useful way to use your landline phone but be able to use it to answer calls from multiple phone numbers instead of just one.

With call forwarding to multiple numbers, businesses can ensure that every call is answered. Calls can be routed to multiple people simultaneously, or sequentially, meaning incomings call will be set up to ring a sequence of numbers until the call is answered. Call forwarding to multiple numbers can prove useful in ensuring that callers always reach a staff member to get the information they need.

The main advantages of call forwarding include providing increased availability, mobility, and accessibility for businesses. Call forwarding services are a great way to help give businesses control over their phone system, improve customer service, and streamline communications for their callers.

Yes – You won’t be able to forward calls to Premium Rate or Special numbers (like emergency services)

These are real phone numbers but not attached to any lines or physical equipment. They work exactly the same as any normal landline or mobile number.

As many as you need! We have some customers with literally thousands of numbers which they use to identify each client account.

ConXhub offers a series of advanced call handling systems like ACD, activeQ & activeAgent

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