Unleash the Power of Cloud PBX & Improve your Business today

Cloud PBX

Unleash the Power of Cloud PBX & Improve your Business today

There have been many innovations in telephony over the recent years and one is to incorporate more cloud-based technology to minimize the need for physical office space and expensive hardware.

Cloud PBX

Using a Cloud PBX solution means housing your telephony in the cloud, rather than on in-house servers and using expensive cables, and server stacks for your telecommunication. Several companies are looking at Cloud PBX solutions to save time, money, effort, and to be more efficient.

Traditional PBX systems are housed on site, with dedicated rooms for their servers, cooled down with expensive air conditioning, and fitted with expensive cables. They usually look great, but they take up room, and require a technician to help service them and troubleshoot bugs to fix them. Having a Cloud PBX solution means that technician can work from anywhere, and simply monitor calls and connectivity from a distance.

PBX means Private Branch Exchange, and a Cloud PBX solution is a virtual PBX solution working from the internet, faster and more efficiently for you and your company. Your calls are answered, routed to the best agents, and monitored from people in your office, or working from home. Using a Cloud PBX solution is more efficient and often faster. A Cloud PBX solution is cheaper, faster, more efficient, and does not need the in-house management and maintenance of older systems.

If you are looking to the future, and offering your staff flexible working arrangements, using a Cloud PBX solution will support your growth, and your teams.  Cloud PBX solutions are cheaper, making them more accessible for smaller companies, and some of them, such as the one provided by conXhub, it can be downloaded in App form to mobile phone communication devices, to make them even more convenient and efficient to use.

There is zero need for the additional expenses, such as headsets, cables, computers, desks, and expensive office fit outs, including a server room. Simply connect to the cloud and your Cloud PBX solution can support every phone call your business makes and receives.

Mobile PBX Solutions

Using Cloud PBX solutions means that you are required to log in to the internet and have your VoIP calls routed to agents through their computers and VoIP connections. This is much more flexible than having a fixed line connection and your agents going to your office to work in teams.  There is another, even more flexible solution, you could have your Cloud PBX solution connected to your mobile phone, using the mobile network for non-VoIP calls. Mobile technology is more flexible and more efficient than Cloud PBX solutions, which are much more efficient than desktop, call centers, requiring hundreds of staff to work from the same location.

If your business wants to expand, reduce costs, and have excellent communication, a top mobile Cloud PBX solution will support your needs.

Using conXhub’s patented communication technology means that all your business calls are routed through your mobile phone and your agents can work from anywhere, any time. Giving your staff a flexible workspace adds value to your business and attracts the best staff.

Downloading the conXhub app to your android or iPhone means having Cloud PBX solutions on your handheld device, and you can answer, or make business calls any time. Your phone displays who is ringing you and on which line, so you can differentiate between business and personal calls. Improving your work-life balance through mobile technology and Cloud PBX solutions will boost your business.

Latency and connectivity

The best telephony never goes down and constantly provides high-quality, fast connections, with no latency, jitter, or downtime. The landline that you use at home is probably the best quality calls that you have. Comparing that to your business VoIP line shows you the difference that poor internet and intermittent connectivity can cause to your communications. A Cloud PBX solution gives high-speed connections over the internet, but it can have a weak connection at times, which can cause the typical problems that everyone in the industry associated with VoIP communication.

The robotic calls, the lost connections, and the dropped customers that agents must call back are all synonymous with VoIP communication. Switching to a mobile-centric Cloud PBX solution reduces the VoIP problems and focuses your calls through your mobile service. This could even result in free calls by using your free minutes on your service.

Minimising the problems, the cost, and increasing the flexibility and efficiency of your telephony could be the boost that your business needs to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are making overseas calling a key part of your business, that can increase costs, and calling different countries can affect latency issues, but with mobile technology and utilizing the mobile networks, these problems are significantly reduces, along with costs!

Reduced Costs

When your business is using Cloud PBX solution you might want to expand your numbers, which often means buying additional licenses and seats for your staff to join your service. Many Cloud PBX solutions are reasonably prices and set up for fast expansion, but there is always a cost to that expansion. The additional users, licenses, apps, and hardware can mount up.

Through conXhub these costs are minimized by having people log in to the app on their own phone and use their free minutes on their own plan. Instead of $15 to $25 per additional user, costs of additional users can be as low as $3 per month, and costs of calls can be as low as free!   There are top Cloud PBX solutions in a handy comparison table for you to easily review.

For faster scaling, more flexibility, and at a cheaper price, conXhub should be the first place that you look when you are considering Cloud PBX solutions.

Additional Benefits

When considering which Cloud PBX solution to choose, you should consider how people will use it and where they will be calling. For local calls, some systems are better than others, for international calls, there are very few as cheap, and that provide the quality of calls in comparison to conXhub services.

If you need your calls recorded, or routed to the best person, or the best group, these services are standard. Providing call recordings, and voicemail messages to email and SMS alerts is available so no calls are ever missed, and all customers are called back.

There are flexible plans available for your Cloud PBX solution on your mobile phone, so you can start small with one or two users and could quickly expand to several users by simply downloading more apps and connecting those mobile phone numbers to your account.

Waterfall communication is available so you can call people in turn, or the call can go to the general population to be answered faster. Programming in which person is best to answer the call quickly, means that your VIP Customers first receive the calls.  Your VIP customer service teams are connected to your VIP customers faster through your Cloud PBX solution, providing the best service to your best customers.

Cloud PBX solutions

With no hardware, Cloud PBX solutions are faster and more efficient.

With no onsite rooms, cables, technicians, servers, and all the resources required to run an onsite telephony solution, your Cloud PBX solution is more efficient for your business.

No additional costs to set up users on your Cloud PBX solution means that you can quickly add and remove people from this solution to support busy days, fast growth and you can reduce them if business is slow.

No long-term contracts for your Cloud PBX solution means that you pay for the months that you use, and you do not pay when you are not using it. If you need to reduce users, simply end the contracts, pay to the end of the month, and close that account.  No long-term commitments give you the control that you need in these volatile times.

Being tied into a long-term commitment can be bad for business. You might not want to plan for 12 to 24 months into the future, so a simply monthly arrangement will suit your business better.

When you are using Cloud PBX solutions, new upgrades and additional features are quickly downloaded to keep your phone solution working to the best of your ability. Upgrades and extra features are free, and added to your account through your app, and with a simply download, they are ready to go at a moments notice. Through Cloud PBX solutions there is no longer a long wait for benefits and extras.

App based communications on your conXhub Cloud PBX solution means that the customer service team are always on-hand to answer any questions. With 24hr support through the app, your concerns are always answered.

Cloud PBX solution supports team communication by connecting anyone with a mobile device. Your staff are using their mobile devices for work, and for social communication, so they are connected and working well together. Your Cloud PBX solution through your mobile phone becomes the only communication channel you need to support staff, colleagues, customers, and anyone connected to your business.

Having all communication through one channel makes business more efficient.

Your Virtual Cloud PBX solution has multiple lines available, and adding a new line is as simple as asking the customer service team to add a number. Your business could add a UK number, USA number or a phone line for any country around the world quickly to your app, and an IVR can be set up just as quickly on your conXhub Cloud PBX solution.

The main contact for your telephony monitors calls, listens to call recordings, and analyses usage of lines, to make sure that you are using all the lines on your account. Should usage drop, you can remove that line quickly.

Having multiple lines available to you means that you can quickly assess different marketing channels, different geographical locations, and have detailed analysis on the telephony activity of your customers.

With reports, and all the features that you would expect from top call center technologies, in the palm of your hand, there is only one mobile Cloud PBX solution that you need.

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