The UK has just announced a total lock down and followed many EU countries now in their 2nd week of home incarceration.

COVID19: WFH is not the same as Remote Work.

This now means that every business person is now forced to Work From Home (WFH).

WFH is not the same as remote working or indeed the traditional home working set up.

Covid19 WFH means you are either isolated on your own or sharing the space with the rest of your family, however many that may be.

Normally, you would have dedicated space and disciplined schedules if working from home and if working remotely a favourite venue or Business hub – this is very, very different!

If on your own, you will be able to find space and some tranquillity, but the isolation may lead to bouts of anxiety or depression and it will be important for you to communicate as much as possible with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

If you are with family, the stresses of trying to find space and some quiet time may be horrendous. For the first few days you’ll need to go with the flow, spend time with your other half, play with the children. There will be worries in the household about money, survival of the business you work for and other things out of your control.

Above all else, concentrate on staying healthy and heed advice around the Virus when you venture out to do the shopping.

As you start to get into a routine, perhaps home schooling the children, normal meal times and family TV time, start to think about where best to work from. Start to talk about rules regarding quiet time and the “Could you just…” interruptions. Talk about rules that the family can adhere to while you set aside time to work. It may be you need to share space or the home computer, so scheduling time for resources will become important.

Above all work within the confines of your environment, don’t try to fight it, that will simply lead to more anxiety, stress, arguments and ineffectual work time.

Remember, your colleagues, bosses and clients are all in the same boat – you are not expected to work miracles, but at the same time you will be asked to do your best under the circumstances.

Let’s keep our businesses moving forward, keep our British sense of humour and help others where we can.

Stay safe.

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