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Wifitakeaway is portable Wifi hotspot for travelers!

You know that having fast and reliable internet is an essential part of travelling, it connects you to your destination, with your friends and family and, maybe helps you connect to work. It allows you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of today’s lifestyle.

WifiTakeway is a low cost, high calibre solution that allows you to stay connected wherever you are 24/7.

Why do you use ConXhub?

We use ConXhub to serve our North American audience, travellers that want to come to Europe and have internet at a local price.

We use our ConXhub USA phone number in our social media adverts, so that customers can call us with any questions and we receive their call here in Barcelona, and for the caller it is just like making a local call.

We use it as customer service tool, to allow us to reply to any questions, again giving comfort to our clients that we have a local presence.

Why would you recommend ConXhub to others?

Our ConXhub line was set up in less than 15 minutes and even when we had a technical issues tihs was dealt with within minutes, and overall it is really easy to get your local number from anywhere in the world.

The quality of the connection is just amazing, it is actually better than my local carrier, so definitely, if you want to have a local presence to support your climnets or to convert leads into sales, then definitely ConXhub is the best optiion I have seen.

After doing my research ConXhub is the best solution I could find anywhere in the market.

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