Cut Off in Your Prime?

Imagine you are 25 minutes into a really important phone call. Maybe it’s with the Tax office and you are just about to be given your authorisation reference and then….. silence. The line goes dead.

Dropped calls are an everyday occurrence with VoIP systems. For personal calls using Skype, Line, Viber or Whatsapp we seem happy to accept the inconvenience.

However, when it is mission critical or for business any dropped calls can have a serious negative impact.

“It is sole destroying for our agents” says Annabel from Verity Payroll. “You just see their heads drop to their desk. They may have been on a call for 15, 20 minutes and then the call drops. They know they have to start all over again.”

The whole process of a dropped call; wastes time, frustrates staff, kills morale and ultimately costs a company time and money.

Alan Chamberlain a sales director says; “It takes huge effort and resources to find the right person to talk to and to set up a call. We get that one chance to pitch and if we get cut off part way through, it’s over. We often won’t get another chance to call back”

Research from BT Business has suggested that dropped calls cost UK-based SMEs £90m per year.

Even more surprising is Vodafone’s estimation that UK business as a whole is losing a staggering £31.6bn each year as a result of missed and dropped calls.

Dedicated sales agent, Todd Minnis; ” I use Conxhub on my mobile phone. I have multiple numbers which allows me to have local presence in the different territories I operate. The calls are crystal clear with NO drop out calls!!”

The solution

ConXhub uses evolutionary technology to manage all your business calls.

It offers all the features and functions of a traditional PBX switchboard solution on your mobile phone. The neat part – it’s proprietary software uses the mobile cellular network instead of VoIP. No more running around trying to find a decent WiFi connection, standing in one spot for fear of losing signal or burning up your precious internet allowance… and no more DROPPED Calls!

ConXhub patented, highly disruptive multi-number technology has completely re-engineered communications putting the mobile phone and the mobile cellular network at the heart and removing the need for VoIP & internet reliance, driving greater efficiency, improved user experience and increased savings.

Communicate from any phone number, anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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