Death of the Desk Phone

The days of an office lined with phones plugged into landlines seems to be fading away. Businesses are increasingly abandoning desk phones in favor of alternatives that allow them to save on costs, and lean into the workplace environment that their employees prefer.

So what are the reasons behind the death (or at least decline) of the desk phone?

Communication Diversification

There are lots of options for communicating in an office now. Email, messaging through services like Slack, video chat using services like Skype for Business, and, oh yeah, phone calls. That’s a lot of options for getting in touch with someone, and workers are increasingly choosing any option but the phone. In fact, millennials and younger workers prefer messaging channels like Slack or SMS over phone calls, leaving desk phones sitting there unused.

Mobile Workforce

It’s estimated that by 2020, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile. While I’ll admit that I don’t know if I agree with that assessment, the reality is that businesses are increasingly using distributed workers. These workers often rely on messaging during the day to keep in touch, and if they do need to make a call, they use use their mobile phones or softphones to connect. Wait…softphones?

Softphones v Deskphones

A lot of businesses are actively killing the use of desk phones at their offices. The reason? Because 75% of employees prefer not to use one, even though a majority of companies have still been providing them. Unused desk phones, according to IDG, cost enterprises an average of $8.1 million a year.

That’s not nothing. By moving to SIP voice services, business are able to allow their employees to use the devices and services they prefer, all while saving money on equipment that’s never going to be used anyways.

ConXhub v Softphones

Voice is still an important part of communications but as anyone who regularly uses a Softphone will tell you, it works great if you plant yourself in one spot, but try moving and you are prone to poor quality and dropped calls. Worse still, trying to find a decent WiFi signal away from the office is a pain and you might as well go back to a desk phone!

Enter ConXhub!

ConXhub offers the best of all worlds; all the features and functions of Softphones but takes advantage of the mobile cellular network, providing the highest HD call quality with no dropped calls and because it is mobile based you can communicate from literally anywhere.

Even more impressive is that you can actually use any phone number to communicate from, be it the company switchboard number, a direct dial number, a sub-office or overseas sales number and you can use as many numbers as needed, all from your own personal mobile.

Divorce your defunct desk phones

Tired of spending money on desk phones that your employees don’t use? Need help migrating your office communications to the cloud? Try ConXhub for free and without risk – you won’t regret it!

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