Do you need to Find New Business Markets?

For many businesses, as we head towards the Brexit withdrawal deadline, the daily #nodeal and #operationyellowhammer warnings are undoubtedly of concern. It is difficult to plan for the impact on trade, be that in the UK or overseas, when so many questions remain unanswered.

That being said, whatever form Brexit takes, trade will go on for both exporters and non-exporters alike. So finding a reliable, cost-effective way to promote your company, will continue to be vital.

ConXhub local phone numbers are a simple, in-expensive and highly effective means to help open new markets by being local to places you would like to trade.

The majority of people (79%) prefer to call a business that’s local to them. and less than 5% of people will answer calls from international numbers they don’t know – so if you are trying to call a prospect in another country using your UK phone number, you´ll have a hard time getting a response.

ConXhub local phone numbers are real phone numbers, just not connected to any lines or fixed equipment. You can choose numbers from over 9000+ cities across more than 65 countries and each number can be attached to your mobile phone allowing you to both make and receive calls.

Local numbers will make your business look and feel professional, trustworthy and established and from just £2.00 per month are a ridiculously low cost investment for any company.

ConXhub patented, highly disruptive multi-number technology has completely re-engineered communications putting the mobile phone and the mobile cellular network at the heart and removing the need for VoIP & internet reliance, driving greater efficiency, improved user experience and increased savings.

Communicate from any phone number, anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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