Thinking of Moving Overseas?

Add a New international Phone Number from your country of choice to your ConXhub account and Be Local before you move.

Communicate more seamlessly with Agents and suppliers in your new Country, and keep your number as your new Home number once you have moved in.

Retain a number from your Home country so family, friends and colleagues can stay in touch no matter where you move to.

No matter where you move, all our phone numbers can stay with you for as long as you need them…even if that means FOREVER!


Turn YOUR Smartphone into a SUPERPHONE

Multiple Phones into One

Make & Receive calls from any existing phone - Existing Home Number, Work Number, New Virtual Number, Personal Direct Dial...

Add Any Numbers

Add existing numbers or choose New Numbers from over 10,000+ cities, for any purpose; Personal, dating, Online sales, Banking, Web Site Verification...

Stay Private

Keep YOUR personal phone number private even when using your personal mobile - Separate all aspects of your Personal life on the one Phone

Ultimate Control

Never miss a call, even when disaster strikes BUT more importantly control how calls are routed for when you are unavailable or taking personal time.

Superior Audio

Forget about dropped calls, difficulty hearing, or lack of connectivity - Callers sound like they’re next to you, zero delays or glitches, even with bad reception.

All Inclusive Pricing

Phone numbers, Inbound & Outbound Calls, Messages & SMS, International Calls, Call Notifications & a host of features all wrapped into one low monthly price.

One Superphone

Dump the desk phone, the company mobile, the landline, dedicated internet, WiFi, routers, cables and associated equipment - One Phone, One SIM & ConXhub is all you need.

International Phone Numbers

REAL Numbers, HUGE Savings

Our numbers are REAL international phone numbers! Operating exactly like all other phone numbers, they are simply not connected or fixed to any lines or physical locations, enabling them to move with you whilst saving you money from installation & any other associated costs.

Enter the FUTURE of Communications

100% Risk Free SUPERPOWERS on us!

No Contract, Cancel Anytime.


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