Go greener with these cool eco-friendly products in 2020

Make every day greener with reusable sandwich bags, solar-powered gadgets and re-writable pads.

Rocketbook Everlast notebooks: $16 and up

Americans consume an estimated 208 million tons of paper in a year, so even if you’re using recycled paper, it’s still a lot of waste. Cut back on your waste with the Rocketbook Everlast reusable spiral notebook. The glossy paper works with special Pilot Frixion erasable gel pens (and they come in several fun colors). 

Writing on the pages is a little wet at first, like using a marker on a slick greeting card, but after 10 seconds the ink bonds with the paper and won’t smudge. Erase as you go with the pen tip, or clear a whole page quickly with a damp cloth. (Cloth and pen are included.)

The Rocketbook app makes it easy to scan and save your notes as a PDF to multiple cloud storage services or email — and it also can convert your handwriting into text. Converting handwriting to text isn’t going to be perfect, but it’s decent in a pinch. As a frequent pen-and-paper notetaker, I really liked using it — especially for my daily to-do lists. 

Art of Lunch reusable sandwich baggies: $20

If you pack lunches for work or school, you could be going through an alarming number of disposable sandwich baggies in a lifetime. These silicone Stasher storage bags can withstand the rigors of microwaves and freezers, and are also just happy to hang out in a lunchbox. Pop them in the dishwasher to clean.

Reusable silicone sandwich bags: $12

Here’s a slightly different approach to the plastic-baggie conundrum. These designer bags are made from cotton lined with food-safe polyester. What makes them engaging are the designs: kitties, squids, turtles and mermaid scales make it fun to go eco-friendly. And, yes, they can go in the dishwasher.

Anker 21W solar charger: $140

Anker’s portable solar panels can hook onto your backpack to keep your gadgets charged on your thrilling adventures in faraway lands. Or you can use them at home or at work to harvest those squeaky-clean, I’m-using-solar good vibes. 

Stainless-steel straws: $9

The war on single-use plastic straws is heating up. Starbucks announced in 2018 it’d ban plastic straws by 2020. You can get ahead of the curve by picking up some environmentally conscious Klean Kanteen stainless steel straws with silicone ends. The set includes a brush for cleaning the stainless steel straws out.

ConXhub from £2pm

Before renewing your companies mobile phone or desk phone contracts take a look at ConXhub.

Today around 30% of the adult population, an estimated 14.2m people in the UK alone, carry separate personal and work phones. Not only is this expensive for the organisation, it’s inconvenient for the staff who have to carry, manage and charge two devices, and it’s irresponsible with regards to the environment.

ConXhub is the first solution of its kind that provides ‘virtual numbering’ – enabling organisations to provide staff with company phone numbers that work on their device of choice. In this way, staff can maintain distinct personal and work communications on one phone – with full separation of calls, SMS and voicemail between personal and work mobile numbers.

Not only does ConXhub eliminate the need to provide a second, dedicated mobile or desk phone for work, but it also provides a suite of professional features normally only found on fixed line numbers, such as delegation, call redirection and call recording.

ConXhub is an evolution in communications technology allowing YOU to make and receive calls from any phone numbers on your personal mobile phone, keeping personal and work calls completely separate.

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

Please share our technology with the world!

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