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Expand your business & open in new sales territories literally within minutes! Instantly set up virtual offices in any city & be global without delay.

One Phone, One SIM, Multiple Phone Numbers. Amazing!

Create Instant Offices Anywhere in The World

ConXhub allows you to choose a number from over 9,000 cities so that you can be local to all your customer bases. Appear to be anywhere in the world, for any reason & leverage the cost savings of offices in cities you wish to be present.

Ever Thought of Merging
Two or More Mobile Phones Into One?

Create unlimited new numbers for any purpose in minutes

Segment your life into as many categories as you wish
Multiple numbers can be operated from a single mobile phone
Keep your personal phone number & therefore your life, private

Choose mobile or landline, national or international numbers

Save money with cheap call rates

Use cellular mobile network & save your internet data

Incoming & outgoing calls from multiple numbers on one mobile

Carrying Two Phones? Ditch the Extra Mobile!

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Big BIZ Switchboard Built-in for FREE

Get all the benefits of having a high-end telecoms switchboard for FREE with every package. Enjoy automated welcome calls, call options menu, route calls to whomever & wherever, automated answer phone when required AND measure staff efficiency with call recordings, reports & stats.

Total Control of ALL
Your Numbers

Gain total control of all the telephone numbers you create. Choose how your inbound calls are routed and ensure every call is answered professionally - even when you are not available.

No need to worry about staff leaving! Simply redirect the virtual number anywhere you want with the press of a button – as easy as that!

Take Control of Your Life with Multiple Numbers

ConXhub is to Telephony what Netflix is to TV and Spotify is to Music.
Everything you’ll ever need from your business communications.