Hosted VoIP? Why ConXhub is a better choice?

When thinking about upgrading your communications, the natural choice for any business is to look at a hosted VoIP system.

ConXhub technology will be the norm by 2023, but it is technology you can actually have today!

The benefits of a Hosted VoIP communications model are numerous and go beyond simple cost savings. Use of the technology comes without the associated problems of system acquisition, finance, deployment and support:

1) Cutting Edge Technology
Hosted VoIP provides business customers with a leading edge phone system without the associated capital cost. From day one you will have a system that delivers all the current features.

2) Future Proof
A hosted PBX is “future proof,” as soon as new features are introduced they can be rolled out without having to worry about another large capital equipment upgrade a few years down the road.

3) Pay As You Grow
With Hosted VoIP, there is no penalty to start small and then add users / “seats” to the system as you grow, as you only pay for the seats you need on a monthly basis.

4) Reduce Trunk Lines
Renting truck lines from carriers isn’t small change for most organisations that rely on voice for both internal communications and customer interaction. Trunk line rental is a significant part of monthly overhead cost, so why not reduce this outlay wherever and whenever possible?

5) Reduce Call Costs
While saving on calls is no longer the primary driver for adopting VoIP, it can be a prime factor for organisations that have multiple offices requiring frequent voice communication, so not having to pay for that communication can reduce a large amount from an organisation’s operational budget.

6) Adds, Moves and Changes
Every time your company moves, adds, or changes a conventional telephone connection, it costs money. With a Hosted VoIP system, changes can be administered remotely and on demand with minimal equipment to install or maintain.

7) Your Numbers Move With You
Unlike traditional numbers which are attached to a physical location, you can take your numbers with you; down the road, to another town, or even another country as the system is not dependent upon your geographic location.

Colleagues looking at a ConXhub enabled mobile phone.
Looking at ConXhub on a mobile

Why Choose a ConXhub solution?

1) Next Evolution
ConXhub is the next evolution in communications – it is mobile cellular centric bringing all the benefits of Hosted VoIP systems, but with an array of enhancements. ConXhub technology will be the norm by 2023, but it is technology you can actually have today!

2) Instant Communication and Collaboration
Mobile improves productivity and the ability to collaborate remotely by creating direct links between teleworkers, office-based workers and clients with ease – a “workplace without borders.”

3) Seamless Remote Worker Connectivity
That ConXhub system makes it easy to integrate teleworkers into the business telephone system through their own Mobile Phone. In addition, your customers will be able to reach your teleworkers through your corporate switchboard, regardless of where the worker is physically located. No longer issues with setting up VoIP handsets, or poor home internet connections – the remote worker is always connected via ConXhub cellular voice, at highest HD quality.

4) Reduce overall costs – no need for desk phones, cabling, lines or internet connections. The user simply uses their mobile phone with complete separation of work and personal related communications.

5) Free staff – allow staff to communicate wherever they are, be it at their desk or elsewhere in the office or even whilst commuting, having a coffee or working remotely.

6) Enjoy the latest features – hunt qroups, voicemail to email, conference rooms, queues, out of hours & holiday messages, reports & stats, call recording, IM and SMS.

7) Unrestricted coverage – allow users to communicate from any company number on the fly… company switchboard numbers, Direct Dial numbers, marketing numbers, or sales numbers, whether; local, national or international, mobile or fixed line.

ConXhub is an evolution in communications technology allowing YOU to make and receive calls from any phone numbers on your personal mobile phone, keeping personal and work calls completely separate.

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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