How do you increase your chances of picking up more business?

“Local numbers have a 72% greater chance of being answered.”

Use a Local Phone Number to:

1. Present your business as friendly and reliable

2. Boost sales with local customers

3. Establish a local presence anywhere you want

Benefits of a Local Phone Number

A. Inspire Trust in Your Business

Research has shown that consumers often feel more comfortable calling a business that has a local phone number because they believe a local business is more likely to provide personalized service. For example, a real estate agent in London with a local area code may be more attractive to prospects because their business number indicates an understanding of local nuances. Use a local number to reinforce that your business is a neighborhood business that prospects and customers can trust.

B. Compete with Large Companies

If the service your company offers would benefit from appearing as a neighborhood business, like a real estate office in Oxford, then choosing a local phone number can give you a real edge over any non-local or national competitors. 

Similarly, if you have an overseas business like an Estate Agents in Spain, having a local number to your customers like a Manchester number, will increase confidence with your potential clients and make it easier for them to reach you.

C. Save Money While Your Business Grows

It can be expensive to set up brick and mortar stores in all the locations you want to conduct business in. To avoid the expense and inconvenience of opening additional office locations, you can get multiple local numbers via ConXhub at low line rental and free set up.

Your business can be national or even international but still feel local.

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