How to add another SIM to a single SIM phone

Let’s face it being stuck with a single phone number on our phones seems a bit old school, a bit limiting, for these modern times. After all, we have multiple emails for different parts of our lives, so why can’t we have multiple phone numbers?

The great news is you can!

There are plenty of gadgets out there that allow you to hack your phone with adaptors and cables to add another physical SIM, ‘Heath Robinson’ style, but there is actually a far simpler way – virtual Phone Numbers.

Virtual Phone numbers are real phone numbers except they are not attached to any physical device or cable, instead they live in the cloud. Numbers can be landline or mobile, national or international, and can be used on your mobile phone in addition to your existing SIM number.

Most Virtual phone number suppliers will enable you to forward a virtual number to your mobile phone but fail to give you the same capabilities as a SIM in having the ability to make outbound calls from the number.

However, the revolutionary ConXhub service allows you to make and receive calls from any virtual phone number. They supply phone numbers from over 9000+ cities around the world as well as mobile numbers from 25 countries and you can have as many numbers as you need attached to your one mobile phone.

ConXhub works just like your SIM, routing calls over the mobile cellular network and does not require or use your data or WiFi connection.

Phone numbers start at just $1 and you can be set up and calling within minutes!

So next time you are fiddling around with a SIM adaptor trying to get a connection, THINK ConXhub!

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