How to Run Multiple Businesses from a Single Phone

The idea of running more than one business from a single phone might seem like a really bad idea, if it’s even possible at all. But it is more than possible; it actually works excellently if you have a multiple phone number  system like ConXhub.

Open a ConXhub Account

To get started, just go to and sign up for a new account. Don’t worry; there is a free trial period, you’ll have full access to the complete set of features included with whichever plan that you choose, so that you can know exactly what you’ll be getting. It’s an extremely easy system to use.

Choose Your Phone Numbers for Each Business

As soon as you open your account, you’ll be able to add your main phone numbers for each business. If you are choosing new phone numbers directly from ConXhub, then they will be active and ready to use within minutes. You can search for either local, national, mobile or International numbers. If you already have phone numbers for your businesses, you can port (transfer) those into ConXhub at any time.

Add Your Phone as a Forwarding Number

The next step is to add the phone you will be using to receive calls as a forwarding number on your account. In this case, we’re describing the process for using only one phone; however, if you ever have the need to add more phones in the future as you grow, then you can add or remove forwarding phones as needed at any time. It only takes a second to add your phone to the forwarding numbers list and once it’s there, you’ll be able to set your account to route your calls, virtually, in whatever configuration that you need.

Decide How You Want to Route Your Calls

There are a variety of ways in which you can route your calls for each of your businesses, and keep in mind that the settings can be different for each business number if you like. You don’t need multiple accounts, either, because you can have multiple phone numbers on a single account. Think of this virtual system as a traditional phone system on steroids. Utilize any of the professional features that are included with your account for your system, and set them to function exactly the same for each business—or totally independently for each.

  • Ring Directly to Your Phone

For the no-frills, direct routing setup, you can simply set your account so that when someone calls in, it will immediately begin to ring your phone. This means that you can either set it to play a standard ringing tone or play music while it’s ringing, and you can either answer the call or let it go to your voicemail (which we’ll address later in this post).

  • Call Menu

Just to clarify what it is, a call menu is also known as an IVR, auto attendant, or phone tree. This is a professional audio menu that you can set up for callers, so that they can press a number to be routed to a specific destination. When running multiple businesses from your single phone, this can come in very handy and make you sound more professional, so that the caller never knows you are running everything from your cell phone. When they call in, they will hear the menu prompt telling them to, “Press #1 for…, Press #2 for…,” and so on. Again, you can set one business line to ring your phone directly if you want, and set the other to route to the call menu first.

  • Route to Alternate Destinations

There are other options, too, if you require a more custom setup. For example, there is always the option of sending callers immediately to voicemail as soon as they call in. Many businesses go with that option so that they don’t become inundated with constant calls to answer, and instead they can just check all the voicemail messages as they come in and call customers back when they’re free to do so. You can also send callers directly to a recorded message if you prefer, which will give them important information instead of ringing right to your phone.

Set Your Incoming Caller ID

This feature is essential when you have customers calling in from multiple businesses. Set the incoming caller ID to display on your phone which number the caller dialed, so you can always know which business the caller is trying to reach.

Get the Mobile App

You can use any type of phone with this system, but as you’re probably using your cell phone, one of the first things you’ll want to do is download the ConXhub mobile app for either iOS or Android. From the mobile app, you can make outbound calls, check voicemail and text messages, and view your complete call history.

Set Up Your Voice Mailboxes

Professional voicemail is included with your account, and you can add multiple mailboxes as needed. This is business voicemail which is separate from your phone’s internal voicemail (which you can still revert calls back to if you prefer). You can keep everything separate for each of your businesses, and that includes voicemail because you have the option to add multiple voice mailboxes on your account so that the messages for each business are routed to their own dedicated mailbox.

Add Custom Greetings

Add a different welcome greeting for each of your business numbers to let callers know they’ve called the right place, and also add different voicemail greetings for each mailbox. You can actually add audio messages to be played at any point in your system, according to how you have it set up.

Set Your Hours of Operation

Hours of operation is a feature that you’re probably going to need, as it ensures that you won’t get calls during all hours of the day and night. You can basically set the hours in your account for when you will be “open” or “closed”, and then send callers to voicemail when your system has turned off automatically. Or you can simply play a special “closed” message for after-hours callers which you have recorded beforehand. In addition to the normal hours of operation feature, you can also utilize the scheduled forwarding feature, that will let you set multiple, unique time conditions, instead of one set of hours for all, as a global setting.

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