“I wish I had thought of that first!” – Piers Linney

If you are a tradesman or sole trader, you are probably either like one of 14.2 million people in the UK running around with two phones or you conduct your business via your personal mobile.

Either way neither is perfect, but what is the alternative?

Well the great news is that there is an alternative and it is incredibly simple, so simple that Piers Linney said; “I wish I had thought of that first!” This groundbreaking technology from RIPTec, simply allows you to add additional phone numbers to your existing mobile phone. Numbers can be landline or mobile, national or Int’l and either new or existing ones.

So you could add your company number to your personal mobile phone and ditch the second mobile or you could rent a new number to give you a more professional and local image.

Here are our top 7 reasons to use this great new product.

  • Simplicity
  • The service works on any mobile phone running IOS or Android and users don’t need to change their mobile phone, SIM card, phone number or mobile operator. A user can be up and running in less than 60 seconds and if they choose can purchase a number from any city in over 60 countries which will instantly be available for making and receiving calls.
  • Cost Savings
  • The sheer cost and inefficiencies of carrying a work phone around with us, is incredible. It is often a phone we don’t like and having to keep it charged and remembering how to use it can be a real hassle. Simply adding a work phone number to a personal mobile phone and seamlessly being able to make and receive calls on that number is truly liberating. With all business calls being separately billed directly to the company account there is no longer the end of month accounts hassle. In addition call charges and line rental are less than competing VoIP services, so you’ll never have to worry about expensive phone bills even if you are calling abroad.
  • Instant Set Up
  • No additional equipment, configuration or set up is required and any business moves, expansions or staff changes are simple, with no technical intervention required. Setting up a remote workers telecommunications has always been fraught with issues normally centered on their internet, yet utilising mobile phones, the user can be operational within a matter of minutes with no technical assistance, or third party intervention.
  • Vastly improved image
  • Fixed line numbers are really important in business. They identify you as a larger business, they are free or low cost to call, and they can identify you as being local, even when you might not be.  Many larger companies use different phone numbers for different parts of their business or within publicity to better measure marketing response. Historically a small business or tradesman has been unable to take advantage of fixed line numbers because the nature of the work means that they can´t ‘sit by the phone’. By putting the fixed line number on the mobile it instantly gives the small business the same capabilities as the larger company, putting them in a much more competitive position, and ensuring they are unlikely to miss any calls.
  • Be Local & increase business
  • Survey after survey has proved that people are more likely to respond or call back when the phone number is a local fixed line number. Users can attach local fixed line numbers to their mobile service and simply call. Recipients see a local number and are happy to respond or even call back knowing they will only be charged at local rates even though the call is being made to a mobile phone.
  • HD Call Quality
  • What makes this service incredibly effective is that it is not a VoIP service but instead runs seamlessly on the Mobile call network, meaning you won’t have to hunt around for a wifi or data connection and all calls connect every time at the highest HD call quality whether you are standing still or on the move.
  • Enhanced features
  • Included at no extra charge are features like voicemail, do not disturb, call identity and for a nominal monthly rental you can incorporate all the features of a full corporate PBX switchboard, to give you incredible communications power and control.

Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we live and combing them with multiple numbers is the next natural progression.

One Phone, One SIM, Many Numbers – Simple!

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