Fed up with carrying a Phone for Each Business?

You don't need to! Simply put all your business phone numbers into one mobile phone & make and receive calls or messages for all your businesses - Yep, on just one Phone!

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We’re reshaping the World of Entrepreneur Communications

Do you run Multiple Businesses? How about a Number for each one...

ConXhub allows you to make & receive calls from any number - so you can run all your businesses on the one mobile phone.

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Worried about MISSING Important Calls? We've got you covered!

ConXhub is packed full of features & functions to manage your calls even when you are not around.

... And did we Tell you about activeQ?

ActiveQ is light years ahead of the competition! Dynamic Information, Tools, Functions & Features that help you control every customer interaction.

activeQ gives you more tools to manage your communications, like call transfers, missed calls notifications, CRM interaction & call to-do's


You’ve never Experienced Tech like Ours

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"Call forwarding, tracking & recording have all increased conversion"
Patrick Quinn
"We have finally found a telecoms solution that ticks ALL the boxes!"
Jim Wilson
"I have so much more control over my communications!"
Mike Webster
"I can't believe how quick and easy it was to setup! It has changed my life!"
Chris Long

What makes ConXhub different?

Freedom to Roam
Roaming is about the ability to communicate wherever you are, whether; at home, in a local business hub or on the road. But it also means un-tethering yourself from the desk - total freedom!
Minimal Setup
Compared to a traditional VoIP system which will require the installation & maintenance of various parts, with ConXhub you simply download an app - that's it!
No Tech Skills
ConXhub is so simple to use, you and any of your colleagues will be up and running in minutes. The app is intuitive and all systems are set up to your exact requirements.freedom!
100% Flexibility
Add & Remove users. Add phone numbers for every part of your business; clients, marketing, departments, remote offices, staff direct dial. Adjust call routing to your needs.
21st Century Thinking
ConXhub is unlike any other PBX solution - built on cutting edge technology and a brand new stack, giving you a superior experience with ACD routing technology and activeQ call handling.
Fingertip Control
State of the art call reporting and stats with 16 points of data capture for every call. Unique 'active Agent' dashboard showing agent status and world renowned 'gamified' call queue notification system - world beating!

The Smartest Way to Keep Control of your Businesses

with the Global #1 Communications Solution

“Running multiple businesses is always a challenge, but being able to comunicate from any business on just one mobile phone is a game changer for me!"

Bill Hamilton



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