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Enjoy the freedom of not being "stuck at a desk" in order to make Sales calls

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Dropped Sales Calls

Unlike old outdated VOIP; because we use Mobile technology – you won’t suffer with “dropped calls” & you’ll also enjoy crystal clear quality. Essential for increasing your Sales & being understood clearly when selling by phone.

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HD Call Quality & Flexibility

The Mobile cellular network was designed for HD Call Quality – Now you can tap in to the power of Mobile Phone technology for your Call Centre…

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"Using ConXhub has been the most seamless and stress free set up of a Sales department ever!"
Marcus Lyons
SaaS Sales Manager
"The system saves us around £2k per month and we really can’t fault them."
Sara McClean
SaaS Ops Manager
"Call pick up rates up 60%!! What is there not to love about this?! Can´t recommend enough."
Tom O'Brien
SaaS Team Leader
"Super user friendly interface and telesales loving their new found freedom!"
Raj Chandra
Customer Liaisons

What makes ConXhub different for SaaS Owners?

Freedom to Roam
Roaming is about the ability to communicate wherever you are, whether; at home, in a local business hub or on the road. But it also means un-tethering yourself from the desk - total freedom!
Minimal Setup
Compared to a traditional VoIP system which will require the installation & maintenance of various parts, with ConXhub you simply download an app - that's it!