Is your Marketing Misaligned?

Does your web site say one thing and your contact page say something else?

I come across hundreds of examples every week, where there is a complete misalignment of messaging which means a huge loss of potential business.

Does your web site say things like “No job too BIG or too small”, “we have you covered”, “available 24/7” only to then show a single mobile phone number or a gmail/hotmail email address?

If that is you, surveys suggest at least 72% of potential customers will simply click away from your site without a second thought. Your contact page suggests the complete opposite of what you are promoting.

The solutions are simple and inexpensive, yet many business owners are unaware of the huge impact these simple changes can make to the overall business. Simply adding a local fixed line phone number and generically named email address, will cost peanuts per month, yet create the right impression for your business.

Owning a Fixed line phone number can cost as little as £2 per month, and still be forwarded to a mobile phone, without the caller knowing any different. It can be set up in seconds, with no equipment or lines to install and will move with you wherever you go…. a ‘no-brainer’ really!

I recently rang an emergency line for a plumbing service – they were promoting a 24/7 service but the mobile number simply rang off the hook…. unimpressed I dialled the next plumber in-line and got through….they got the job.

The first plumber lost work and killed his reputation – his website was in effect lying. Modern, communications systems can allow calls to be answered professionally, even if you are not available to take the call directly.

In another example, I was sent a link to a new web site for an International Concierge Service, for high net worth individuals. Lots of money had been spent on a lavish web site , offering a 24/7 service anywhere in the World. However, the contact page is showing a UK mobile number! There is a complete misalignment in messaging – International? Available 24/7?… I wasn’t convinced…

Don’t get me wrong mobile numbers have their place, especially virtual ones – I use them when I have a one to one relationship with a client. However, they convey the wrong message when used as the companies main form of contact and should be swapped out for a local fixed line number at the earliest opportunity.

In the case of the concierge service, a Contact Page showing contact numbers for; London, New York, Geneva, Sydney, Hong Kong, would convey an image in line with that of the overall web site.

Where the company offers personalised, managed services, then a virtual mobile number could be used to convey the personal touch, but not on first contact.

Some companies don’t show any phone numbers which again restricts how customers can contact them and reduces the number of potential customers. People like to know they can reach you quickly if there is a problem. Using a virtual fixed line number, means calls can be forwarded to anyone, or even a group of people in the organisation, so calls can be shared, if that is the primary reason for not having a contact number on the site in the first place.

Take a look at your web site and make sure the contact page aligns with your overall feel and message.

If you would like advice or support on using fixed line numbers in your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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