Is your Mobile Phone like a ticking time bomb?

If like millions of people you have been using your mobile phone number for your business you have probably been giving your number to almost everyone you meet and have it plastered on your web sites, business cards and advertising.

This is essentially a ticking time bomb that will erode your time and lose you business. 

Do you remember those days when you had a hotmail or gmail email address for work? Your inbox became inundated with trivia to a point where you couldn’t determine what was personal, business or spam. As we all know now, using separate email addresses and spam filtering tools gave us the perfect solution. 

Your mobile is no different in that you are probably finding it almost impossible to discern business from personal, let alone having to deal with those pesky nuisance calls.

Bottom line you are almost certainly missing important business calls and losing business and the situation will only get worse. Fortunately, thanks to some new patented technology, the solution is easy. Simply add an extra phone number to your mobile phone and separate your work and personal calls. In the same way that having a business related email address makes your business look and feel more professional so does a local business phone number. 

Having a new number doesn’t mean you need a new phone or contract either. Using a service like ConXhub, you simply add a new phone number to your existing mobile phone and choose which number to use when making the call. 

You can choose a number from any city/town in over 60 countries. You can keep the number for life and if you move or expand your business the number simply moves with you. 

Join the phone number revolution today and secure your new business number.

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