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One Phone, One SIM & Now Multiple Phone Numbers

ConXhub are the original pioneers of mobile multi-numbering. Make & receive calls from any phone number on one mobile device using the mobile cellular network.

No need to carry additional phones around with you. Open a virtual office, add a departmental number, gather stats from a marketing number or benefit from a direct dial number - endless possibilities!

Join the 21st Century Evolution

We’re reshaping the World of Business & Communication

As many Individual Phone Numbers as you need: on ONE Mobile Phone?

ConXhub patented technology allows you to add additional phone lines/numbers to a single mobile phone - make & receive calls from any number, when you want, where you want, to who you want!

Add any numbers...existing or new, landline or mobile, national or international & enjoy highest quality HD calls over your mobile voice network without the need for Data or WiFi.

Take Control, Stay Flexible

Forward & manage incoming calls to mobiles & landline numbers on any network. Answer more calls & take advantage of every new business opportunity.

No long term contracts, setup costs or hidden call charges. All features are included, pay monthly from just £10 (+VAT) Cancel at any time.

You’ve never experienced Tech like ours

Designed for business but also used by thousands of consumers

"No matter where I am calling to or from, the call quality is perfect"
Faraz Baqri
International Finance
"Running everything off just ONE phone is life-changing to say the least"
Ollie Goldman
"I have just over 30 numbers now & each one took seconds to set up"
Laura Kershaw
Global Angels
"For once my own personal number is private!"
Kyle Denison
Independent Sales Rep

... And it doesn't use DATA!

Imagine...no dropped calls, crystal clear call quality & a connection every time you dial - that is the ConXhub experience.

ConXhub is not VoIP & doesn't use data, so you can start making crystal clear calls without eating into your data allowance. Call anywhere in the world just like chatting to your neighbour!

"Allows us to have multiple company phone numbers without the need for landlines or phones. We can receive work calls on our personal mobiles, so no need to be carrying an extra phone. AND we make outgoing calls through the app without ever revealing personal numbers to the clients. Such a bonus!"

Max Clydesdale

Art Dealership

Frequently Asked Questions?

It is a means of redirecting a phone call to another destination.

Calls could be forwarded to a mobile, an alternative telephone number or even a group of people & offer the benefit of increasing the chance of a call being answered by a human as opposed to an answering machine or voicemail.

When call forwarding is enabled on a phone number, any calls made to that number will be diverted to another number or even multiple numbers. Callers are not aware that their call is being forwarded when making calls to a number that has call forwarding enabled. 

For many businesses, mobile phones are a necessity. Whether you’re visiting with a client, working remotely, or on the road, you don’t want to miss any important calls even if you’re not in the office. With call forwarding to mobile, calls can seamlessly route to your cell phone and increase your availability to customers.

With call forwarding, incoming calls can also be diverted to landlines. Maybe you have a business number in another city to establish a local presence, but you want calls to that number to be forwarded to a central landline in your city. In this scenario, call forwarding to landlines can be a useful way to use your landline phone but be able to use it to answer calls from multiple phone numbers instead of just one.

With call forwarding to multiple numbers, businesses can ensure that every call is answered. Calls can be routed to multiple people simultaneously, or sequentially, meaning incomings call will be set up to ring a sequence of numbers until the call is answered. Call forwarding to multiple numbers can prove useful in ensuring that callers always reach a staff member to get the information they need.

The main advantages of call forwarding include providing increased availability, mobility, and accessibility for businesses. Call forwarding services are a great way to help give businesses control over their phone system, improve customer service, and streamline communications for their callers.

Yes – You won’t be able to forward calls to Premium Rate or Special numbers (like emergency services)

These are real phone numbers but not attached to any lines or physical equipment. They work exactly the same as any normal landline or mobile number.

As many as you need! We have some customers with literally thousands of numbers which they use to identify each client account.

ConXhub offers a series of advanced call handling systems like ACD, activeQ & activeAgent

What makes ConXhub different?

Freedom to Roam
Roaming is about the ability to communicate wherever you are, whether; at home, in a local business hub or on the road. But it also means un-tethering yourself from the desk - total freedom!
Minimal Setup
Compared to a traditional VoIP system which will require the installation & maintenance of various parts, with ConXhub you simply download an app - that's it!
No Tech Skills
ConXhub is so simple to use. You & any of your colleagues will be up & running in minutes. The app is intuitive & all systems are set up to your exact requirements. Freedom!
100% Flexibility
Add & remove users. Add phone numbers for every part of your business; clients, marketing, departments, remote offices, staff direct dial. Adjust call routing to your needs.
21st Century Thinking
ConXhub is unlike any other PBX solution - built on cutting edge technology & brand new stack, giving you a superior experience with ACD routing technology & activeQ call handling.
Fingertip Control
State of the art call reporting & stats with 16 points of data capture for every call. Unique 'active Agent' dashboard showing agent status & world renowned 'gamified' call queue notification system - world beating!

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ConXhub is to Telephony what Netflix is to TV and Spotify is to Music.
Everything you’ll ever need from your business communications.

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