Multi-Handset Issue – Solved

“I have been trying to build a solution for a client for ages. I just didn’t know a solution like ConXhub was even possible”, Darren Mc Faul (Telecoms NI) said during a phone call yesterday. “ConXhub is absolutely incredible, it’s pure magic”, he continued.

Darren’s client was using a second mobile phone and diverting the Companies Fixed line phone number to it, but he wanted to get rid of the second mobile phone and have everything on his personal mobile. “We have tried all sorts of VoIP solutions but nothing was giving us a level of consistent quality required by a business – sometimes the client would be out of contact for a whole day when out of reach of WiFi and we have been banging our heads against a brick wall” “When we heard about RIPHub, we couldn’t believe it, it was offering exactly what we needed and more”, Darren Continued.

The client is spending close to £40 per month on the additional Mobile service and with a RIPHub service charge of just £15pm will save £25 per month and gain the advantage of only needing to carry and maintain one handset plus gain all the additional benefits of a Corporate grade PBX switchboard, which is included in the cost.

The client can choose to call out from his Business number at any time and knows it is a business call when his phone rings. The service utilises the mobile voice network instead of VoIP so there is no longer the need to find a hotspot or have a good WiFi connection.

Telecoms NI, are now in negotiations to become a lead re-seller in Ireland, and RIPTec looks forward to welcoming them to the fold.

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