New Chrome Widget gives Call Centre agents ultimate control

ConXhub is proving a smash hit with Call Centre clients, offering them improved flexibility, cost savings and call quality over existing systems.

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Already a centres best friend for its ability to allow agents to call from any phone number without entering a prefix or changing any settings when making outbound calls, ConXhub has capabilities built in to show a notification or play a message for all inbound calls so that agents know which number was dialled by the caller.

The notification service has now been extended to include a powerful Chrome Widget, which sits quietly in the background on an agents PC or laptop.

The Widget lists each Inbound Call with; Callers Phone Number, Called Number & ID/Name plus uses a coloured dot to determine its current status:

  • Blue – Call on Hold awaiting Agent
  • Red – Call Answered by another Agent
  • Green – Call selected by Agent

Once a call is selected it is passed to the Agent’s mobile phone.

An Api stores relevant data to be used in conjunction with the Companies CRM system, potentially opening the relevant page for the Agent.

Buttons within the widget allow agents to refresh and clear existing data, as well as log out.

A badge attached to the widget icon lists the current number of calls on hold.

The list is opened and closed by simply left clicking on the Widget Icon.

The Widget is only available to active ConXhub users – for more information contact us here: Info

Read more about ConXhub in Call Centres HERE

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