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When a client needs to call from 1000’s of campaign phone numbers – we simply make it easier…

When a client has hundreds if not thousands of ‘profile’ phone numbers to call from, we have just made it a simpler process to find and select the one they need…

Many Call Centres make calls on behalf of numerous different clients, but struggle to offer a solid way of calling from an individual clients phone number – with ConXhub it is an absolute breeze and numbers for any campaign can be added in minutes.

Call Centre agents prefer using ConXhub above anything else.

ConXhub Stats, Reports, CDR’s and Recording Listings are state of the art and ConXhub improves call flow, agent satisfaction and Call Centre Profits.

ConXhub patented tech has completely re-engineered business communications away from VoIP putting the mobile phone and the cellular network at the heart, driving greater efficiency, improved user experience and increased savings

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

Please share our technology with the world!

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