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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Non VoIP Number for Verification

The use of a real mobile phone number to verify your identity on a web based service

An identity verification service is used by businesses to ensure that users or customers provide information that is associated with the identity of a real person.

At the lowest level it will verify an email address or telephone number.

The service may verify the authenticity of physical identity documents such as a driver’s licensepassport, or a nationally issued identity document through documentary verification.

Additionally, it also involves the verification of identity information (fields) against independent and authoritative sources, such as a credit bureau or proprietary government data.

Using the ConXhub SMS2email service you can receive an SMS from anywhere including the USA.

If you wanted a USA number on which to receive SMS, simply ask – ConXhub supply numbers from over 10,000 cities around the world and mobile numbers from 24 Countries including the USA.

Yes. There are these sites/services that are called Virtual Number Providers. These providers offer a wide array of services. IVR, Virtual SMS Numbers, Virtual Toll-Free numbers, FAX numbers, PBX and a lot more.

Most will also offer a wide selection of countries to choose from.

Receiving messages online is  little trickier:

1. Will the service you want to receive a message from recognise / accept your virtual number?

2. Will the supplier be capable of sending to you online?

ConXhub will guarantee their numbers across all sites & offer an SMS2email service which will efficiently send the inbound SMS to your email address.

Yes, absolutely.

There are loads of web sites which will give you access to a phone number where you can receive an SMS instantly, here are a few:


In most cases these numbers will be low value VoIP numbers and not always work with every web site.

If you want premium rated 100% guaranteed Mobile numbers which will work with every site and verification service, then take a look at ConXhub

As part of their verification service which includes a low cost number you´ll get access to their SMS2email enabling you to receive SMS directly to your email address.

Receive SMS via Email using our SMS2email Service

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Non VoIP Number for Verification

We are the premier one stop shop for all your sms and text verification needs. Exceptional service, 100% guaranteed REAL numbers and competitive pricing set us apart from the rest.

We understand the hassles you have to go through to register on one of your favorite international websites, especially when you do not have a USA phone number to receive the registration verification SMS code or OTP . Non VoIP is an app that has come to change the game in VoIP SMS number verifications. All our numbers are from major US phone companies. We guarantee you can verify any service, even those that don’t accept virtual numbers.

All our numbers are ephemeral, once they are used we no longer has access to that number except you purchased the number as rental.

– Support for all major websites, apps and rewards program.

– Real time and transparent service availability.

We guarantee you will receive your code

Remember these numbers are for SMS verifications and otps and not for texting or calling, if you need to keep receiving codes with same number then you may want to consider our rentals services .


We provide real carrier sim cards number that you can phone verification form any platform

We are providing smart quality carrier usa number for tinder verification #no suspend #no block

Get your account within second. Enjoy your work with us.

we are the biggest skout number provider our real carrier number passed skout verification all time

No one can bid our fiverr verification service, with us number code verification we can verify fiverr account anytime

We are also providing all kind of survey site verification features user can verify one opinion, survey junkie, survey honey, Earnhoney, Opinion Outpost etc

You can verify all survey network for call & sms verification with PvaVerify

User can verify all social network as like ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ ) and other social networks

We are offering to verify ( Gmail, Google voice, Microsoft account, Yahoo mail) any kind of VBA ( Virtual Bank) VCC ( Virtual Credit Card ) accounts with our numbers

Your privacy is a commodity. Other online companies trade it, we help you protect it.

Quickly and easily verify online social profiles and user accounts while safeguarding your personal and private information. Whether you need one account or a thousand, our verification, privacy and obfuscation services can help you access the content and communities you need without exposing your private details.

Our services work with all major online platforms, mobile applications and other accounts requiring user verification. If you have questions whether our service is right for you, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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