Not another f’ing prediction

By 2025 over 58% of desk phone usage will have converted to Mobile Technology – fact!

That’s a pretty radical prediction considering how many desk phones are currently in use and how well they have performed over the years, but think about it…

If right this second, you had to make a call, which device would you prefer to use? or more to the point is available to you?

Major companies like PWC and KPMG have already made the move and many more are planning the change as their existing contracts come to an end.

Of course there are reasons to stick with Desk Phone technology:

  1. We have always done it this way – people don’t like change. It’s true, it is difficult to change and if you’ve always used a Desk Phone, it might seem alien to use another device, or method for communicating. However, you probably already have a personal smartphone and are used to using it, just not for business – the transition will be easier than you think and when you see the freedom and flexibility the mobile offers, especially via colleagues, trust me, you’ll want to transition!
  2. I don’t want anyone knowing my personal Phone Number! Very reasonable and 100% sensible. Using services like ConXhub, your personal phone number remains Private with every call – simply select your business number when making a call and the recipient will see that number on their call screen.
  3. The quality of calls on my Desk Phone is far superior to Mobile Soft Phones. True, True, True…. you simply can’t guarantee the quality of calls on a mobile soft phone, sometimes they are great but often poor with lots of dropouts. That is why the ConXhub service is non-VoIP, designed to utilise the mobile voice network, ensuring every call connects at highest HD call quality with no dropouts.
  4. I’m worried about my health. Whilst there is no evidence a mobile phone will damage your health, it is a concern. Headsets, earphones and even Desk Caddies which turn mobile phones in to Desk Phones are all available.
  5. I don’t want my business calls to ‘eat’ all my mobile data. Mobile data is precious to us and no one wants their business usage to eat it all up. The ConXhub service is non-VoIP so will not eat in to your data plan or have you running around trying to find a descent WiFi connection.

The mobile phone allows you to make and receive calls wherever you are – it creates greater efficiencies, saves money for both companies and users and is simply more convenient.

Still think this is a wild prediction?

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