A Mobile Centric Office Phone System - Welcome to the future...

Avoid the cost & inconvenience of VoIP phone systems. Make & receive calls using company phone numbers on any mobile. Add all the features & functions of BIG business phone systems

Turn YOUR Smartphone into a SUPERPHONE

Multiple Phones into One

Make & Receive calls from any existing phone - Existing Office Number, Departmental Number, New Virtual Office Number, Direct Dial...

Add Any Numbers

Add existing numbers or choose New Numbers from over 10,000+ cities, for any purpose; be more local to your Customers & win more business.

Stay Private

Keep YOUR personal phone number private even when using your personal mobile - Separate Business & Personal life on the one Phone

Ultimate Control

Never miss a call, even when disaster strikes BUT more importantly control how calls are routed for when you are unavailable or taking personal time.

Superior Audio

Forget about dropped calls, difficulty hearing, or lack of connectivity - Callers sound like they’re next to you, zero delays or glitches, even with bad reception.

Pop Up Office

Create virtual offices in any country or city around the world. Boost sales with a 'LOCAL' presence. Create unlimited office phone numbers at the press of a button.

Work from Anywhere

Take control & enjoy freedom! Stop being tied to a PBX system or Desk Phone. YOUR Mobile is your virtual office. Total telecoms freedom in your pocket.

Unified Comms (UC)

CRM integration with bespoke and popular systems. Powerful ActiveQ system to support, Missed Calls, Speed Dial, Call ToDo lists and more...

Reports & Analytics

MiFID Call recordings & 16 data capture points per call for unrivalled data analyses & reporting PLUS real time Agent overview & KPI analyses.

One Superphone

Dump the desk phone, the company mobile, the landline, dedicated internet, WiFi, routers, cables and associated equipment - One Phone, One SIM & ConXhub is all you need.

Big Business Phone System functions & Features in the palm of your hand...

ConXhub allows you to make & receive calls from any number - so you can run all your businesses on the one mobile phone.

call forwarding

'Pro' Features as Standard!

ConXhub gives you more features than you would expect & all perfectly packaged for your mobile phone!

From simple 'time of day' to complex multi-office call routing ConXhub handles it all, effortlessly.

ConXhub offers you everything you need to communicate effectively with customers, saving you money & increasing efficiency ten fold over VoIP systems.

Get your business phone system up & running today

Set Up In Seconds

No hardware. No headaches. Get all the benefits of VOIP services but using mobile & 5G — today.

Unlimited Numbers

Use your personal mobile. Create unlimited profiles. One SIM – but unlimited NEW numbers & opportunities

Freedom to Roam

Don’t be tied to a desk to make calls. Use the evolutionary mobile VOIP beating solution

Hunt Groups

Unlimited Numbers

Call Recording

Virtual Reception


SMS to Email

Instant Offices

Call Centre Functions

Smart Queue

Call Escalation

Home Working

Audio Conferencing

User Control Panel

Multi-Site Working

Music on Hold/Greetings

Enter the FUTURE of Communications

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