Verify YOUR identity on any WEB SITE - receive SMS to your email address!

The Verification service gives you a REAL Mobile Phone number & our SMS2Email service allowing any verification code you receive to be forwarded to your email.


No mobile phone or SIM is required, simply use your new number when asked to authenticate your identity, on any web site.


Some sites are restricted, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


Call Forwarding

Forward Calls & Messages direct to your Mobile Phone or any other device!

Call forwarding services are a great way to help give businesses control over their calls, improve customer service, and streamline communications for their callers.


Calls could be forwarded to a mobile, an alternative telephone number or even a group of people & offer the benefit of increasing the chance of a call being answered by a human, as opposed to an answering machine or voicemail.


When call forwarding is enabled on a phone number, any calls made to that number will be diverted to another number or even multiple numbers.

Call Forwarding

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Free Calls

Make unlimited free calls for one low monthly fee to over 60% of world destinations.

The Free Calls service gives you unlimited calls to all major global destinations, including landlines and mobiles!


Simply pay one super low monthly service fee.


Call as often and for as long as you need.


No pins, or access codes. No complicated setup - just signup and install our beautiful app, which will do all the hard work for you!

Free Calls


Make & Receive calls from a Virtual Phone Number via your Personal Mobile Phone

Give yourself the ultimate communications tool with this single user version of conXhub.


Make and receive Calls, IM or SMS, from any additional phone number(s), without changing phone, SIM, or operator.


Call the world, from anywhere, without worrying about finding a decent internet connection as SuperPhone doesn't use data! Instead, calls are carried over the mobile cellular network, like any other mobile call!


Make the most of other amazing features, like a simple call to-do list, or note-taking options after every call - enjoy the future of telecoms, TODAY!




Use a virtual Mobile Number to send & receive SMS to your


conXhub are pioneers in the mobile messaging space bringing you SMS2email, Group Messaging, IM & Global SMS and WhatsApp integration, all in one neat application.


Messaging services are available on all plans from SuperPhone upwards.


Send & receive messages on any SMS enabled virtual number right into your personal smartphone.


conXhub Suite

Every communication function and feature you’ll ever need for your business


Mobile Cloud Communications is the future of all telecoms, and it's available today.


conXhub has mashed together the best of mobile telephony and virtual PBX's to bring you the ultimate communications tool.

Putting communications in the palm of your hand whilst giving you every function and feature you would expect from a corporate grade phone system.

Plus, messaging, CRM integration, real-time agent activity, analyses, call logs, recordings and more...


Bulk SMS

Send SMS messages to recipients, in bulk. Import & save lists, create & save messages.


Offering some of the lowest global messaging rates available, conXhub allows you to send any message to your list.


Optimised sending systems ensure the highest industry delivery rates, with our failover system attempting another route if the first fails.


Add and manage lists of contact numbers, and save lists for future sending.


Add and save messages and use again against any lists.

Bulk SMS

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Verification / OTA Services

Verify YOUR identity on any WEB SITE - receive SMS to your email address!

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