How Poor Call Quality Undermines Your Business & Customer Service

Poor Call Quality

How Poor Call Quality Undermines Your Business & Customer Service

The quality of your phone conversations with your customers can determine if that customer will buy from you and become a repeat customer or will leave you and go somewhere else. Poor call quality directly impacts on customer service and sale conversions. If you are experiencing poor call quality you could be dropping customers, and generating a bad reputation online which leads to further impacts on your customer journey.

There are studies that show that more than 40% of customers who experience poor call quality will leave that company and not return. The impact of poor call quality means that customers are lost, repeat business is reduced, and your business suffers, even closes. With phone calls being the lifeblood of communications between customers and operations, if the quality is poor, that blood will not flow, and your business will stop.   Treating your VIP First customers to the best service reduces poor call quality and improves your relationship with your most valuable part of your business. Customers are VIP First.

Using conXhub for our best quality connections, and non-VoIP service gives you crystal clear communication all times, every time. Phone calls are the most important element of your business, connecting you with the outside world, and through mobile technology with conXhub you will have the best connections. There is no poor call quality with conXhub.

Customers prefer phone conversations over non-voice communication. SMS, Live Chat, email communication and other forms of non-voice connection can help customers, but the majority prefer the phone call. If there is poor call quality, that means there is poor communication between your business and your customers. If it is too hard to speak to you, customers will leave. If customers are confused, or can not communicate, they will go elsewhere, and poor call quality is a key driver for losing customers.

What impacts on poor call quality?

The quality of your phone connections is an indicator of the quality of your customer service. If the company cannot communicate with customers, it looks like the company does not care about customer service. Bad customer service coupled with poor call quality means customers will leave.

The quality of a phone call can be influenced by various factors, including:

Network Connectivity

The strength and stability of your network connection, whether cellular or Wi-Fi, play a significant role in call quality. If your phone is far away from the nearest cell tower, the communication will be affected. If you are reliant on landline cellular communications, then you must always make sure that you monitor your call quality. Using a weak network, being far away from cell towers, not having line of sight connection or being in either rural or very built-up areas can give you poor call quality.

  • Bandwidth

Available bandwidth affects audio clarity, especially in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. If you are connected to the internet for your calls you must have a stable connection. Using conXhub means that you are not reliant on the internet and therefore your bandwidth can not give you poor call quality. Bandwidth affects VoIP calls, and phone calls over the internet. When working from home, moniotor bandwidth and other people using it, especially at peak times. Working in an office environment you must always monitor poor call quality and always monitor bandwidth usage.

  • Hardware and Device Quality

The quality of your phone or headset can impact the clarity and volume of the call. If you are using an old phone unit you will experience poor call quality. Getting a modern device, or upgrading your handset reduces poor call quality and improves the connection to your service provider.

  • Codec Used

The audio codec used by the call service provider can affect call quality. Switching codecs could reduce poor call quality and improve the connection. Knowing the suppliers in your area with the best connections will reduce your poor call quality and improve customer service.

Environmental Factors

Background noise, echoes, and acoustics in your physical location can impact call quality. The weather, the location of the end users, the number of people in the vicinity on their mobile phones, and the thickness of walls can all have an impact on poor call quality. To reduce poor call quality look at your surroundings and the people near you to see if you can optimize at all and reduce poor call quality to your customers.

  • Distance of calls

If you are experiencing poor call quality on your overseas calling.

How does poor call quality impact on customers?

Customers who experience bad call quality may encounter several issues, including frustration, miscommunication, and a negative perception of the service provider. Here are five impacts of bad call quality:

  1. Customer Dissatisfaction

Poor call quality can lead to unhappy customers who may seek alternative service providers. Customers vote with their feet, or with their purchases. If they are unhappy, they will close the purchase, empty their basket, or look for alternatives. Poor call quality will drive customers away and force them to look for companies with better call quality. If your customer can not understand you due to your poor call quality, they will leave and go elsewhere!


  1. Loss of Business Opportunities

In a business context, poor call quality can result in missed deals or opportunities due to misunderstandings.  If a customer is experiencing poor call quality, they cannot understand what is being said, they can not hear the agents, they can not have their questions answered and they will experience poor customer service. Poor call quality leads to poor customer experience.

  1. Decreased Productivity

Workers experiencing poor call quality may struggle to effectively communicate, affecting their productivity. The agents experiencing poor call quality need to repeat themselves and cannot complete their sentences. If your business needs scripts delivered verbatim excellent call quality is essential. Having poor call quality means that scripts cannot be delivered and must be repeated.  If the call drops due to poor call quality, the call must start again. If the call has poor call quality it will be a longer call, meaning fewer customers can be spoken with. Simply, poor call quality leads to poor productivity and duplicating work.

  1. Reputation Damage

Service providers with consistently poor call quality may suffer reputational damage, which can be difficult to recover from. Seeing posts on social media stating that the company has poor call quality will stop prospective customers from engaging.

  1. Increased Support Costs

Service providers may need to allocate more resources to customer support to handle complaints related to poor call quality. Poor call quality will lead to complaints. Those complaints could be due to misunderstandings, or simply not being able to hear the agents properly.  If your business has poor call quality, your customers might only hear half the sentence or could hear words that are not said. Having poor call quality leads to miscommunication, which leads to complaints.

How to improve poor call quality?

Improving your poor call quality is essential to improving your business. If you are experiencing poor call quality regularly, you must fix it, before it impacts on your bottom line and profit margins. To improve call quality, consider these five strategies:

  1. Upgrade Network Infrastructure

Invest in a robust internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support high-quality calls. Or move to conXhub and away from VoIP and internet supported call solutions. If you are reliant on the internet, and the internet goes down, or breaks, or gives you poor call quality it needs attention. That could be costly. Using conXhub means that you do not have poor call quality and you do not need the internet.

  1. Use Quality Hardware

Choose high-quality devices like new mobile phones, better headsets and phones designed for clear audio. Using conXhub reduces poor call quality and channels all communication through mobile phone devices. Buying people, the newest iPhone can be cheaper than desks, headsets, internet connections, and having poor call quality and losing customers.

  1. Optimize Your Environment

Minimize background noise, echoes, and distractions during calls by using soundproofing or noise-canceling equipment. Ensuring that your office environment is set up to reduce poor call quality will help, but getting conXhub on your mobile device will help even more. Speaking into your mobile phone is better and clearer than speaking into a headset that is connected to a VoIP supplier and to your computer, especially in a busy office environment. Reduce poor call quality by changing your environment, and by improving your telephony technology.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Conduct regular maintenance on your network equipment and update software to reduce poor call quality. Having all communication through your mobile phone and through conXhub mobile technology reduces poor call quality. Maintaining your devices, mobile phones, and upgrading them to new contracts, new service providers and new models will reduce your poor call quality.

Improving call quality is essential for providing a positive experience to customers and avoiding the negative consequences associated with poor call quality.

If you want to reduce your poor call quality, get in touch with conXhub today.  Simply download the app to your mobile phone, choose a landline number, and you can start making crystal clear communications through your mobile device today.

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