10 best VolP Phones for Business


As technology is taking over, the current business world has not been left behind. All businesses, from small to large enterprises, depend on technology in almost all business matters, including communication. Most businesses are now adopting VolP phone systems as their means of communication.

There are good reasons for this, including portability, easier to scale, lower costs, and clear voice quality. VoIP, or voice over the internet, is a technology that enables phone calling over the internet. These VoIP phones come in different varieties based on the business’s unique needs. There are plenty of VoIP phone options in the market, but it can be challenging for businesses to pick the best IP phones, and so we have compiled a list of the 10 best VoIP phones for business to help you.

1. Your Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, you already have the ultimate device for communications, all you need to make it Business compatible is conXhub! conXhub has taken the best of VoIP & Mobile Cellular communications and mashed it together with customer interaction & professional switchboard features to give you the ultimate communication tool!

conXhub enables you to make and receive calls using your business phone numbers, all on your personal mobile phone, whilst keeping your personal phone number private. The service utilizes the mobile cellular network, so no more hunting around for decent WiFi, and provides every PBX switchboard feature you will ever need, including; welcome greetings, music on hold, queues and hunt groups, voicemail to email and reports.

2.  Cisco 8861

This is one of the most reliable VoIP phones from Cisco. The phone features premium functionality and a five-inch display that gives high performance with a better resolution of 800 by 480. While this resolution is not that much, it is sharp on smaller screens. Moreover, the screen produces a superior color compared to lower-end models, thanks to the backlit WVGA display that the screen uses.

The unit can support a 10/100/1000 ethernet switch alongside five-line keys, with four of them being programmable. The phone also has Bluetooth compatibility and a full-duplex speakerphone that provides crisp audio for conference calls. Besides, this unit is easy to wall mount.

3.  Yealink SIP VP-T49G

Yealink SIP VP-T49G is the best choice for those that prefer wired phones. This phone system is often tagged as a flagship model because of the phone’s premium features and high price. It features a 2 MP camera that supports a full HD experience with 1080p as its resolution. Its H.264 compression ensures running the phone’s high-quality videos smoothly.

Moreover, the model comes with 2.4 GHz WI-FI, USB 2.0 ports and 4.0 Bluetooth, granting maximum versatility. With this phone system, you can easily sync video calls to your desktop monitor from your softphone, thanks to its HDMI port. You can easily adjust the phone’s camera and display to the right angle and height. Moreover, the phone features an ergonomic design, but because of its price, it is mostly meant for C-level offices.

4.  Avaya J Series

If you are looking for straightforward and reliable handsets for communication streamlining, Avaya phones are ideal for you. Boosting an ergonomic and sleek modern IP phone design, the phones grant an exquisite communication experience for workers regardless of where they are, home or office. The phone series features SIP support, mute alerting and mute, recent call log, ethernet cable support and inbuilt volume boost.

5.  Cisco 7841

Cisco models are often cheap, including the 7841. The phone can support four or more lines at a time for a dedicated line panel. Cisco 7841 series supports a 10/100/1000 switch hence worth its price range. Although its screen has no color, it features a white backlog to prevent glares. It also supports mobile remote access alongside four programmable keys that are easy for mounts.

6.  RTX 8660 + 8630 Handset

For those who won’t mind the cost of the phone they buy as long as it delivers, RTX 8660 + 8630 Handset is the best choice. The model is somehow costly, but its performance is worth its price, including the versatility it offers. The phone is ideal for call centers because it allows users to link up to forty bases granting you up to 200 connected users. Due to this, this DECT phone is best for support teams. The phone also supports headset connectivity and is also compatible with repeaters.

7.  Yealink W52P

This is yet another amazing Yealink model with the best performance. If You want a phone with all the key features of a VoIP phone, Yealink W52P is the best option. The phone features hands-free HD audio, call forwarding capabilities and an intercom. Although its 1.8-inch color screen is smaller, its view is clear regardless of your position. Despite its low entry cost, the phone is easy to scale up because of its base capability of supporting up to four handsets.

8.  Cisco 8865

Picking this VoIP phone grants you grayer capabilities but at a cost. It grants HD video and voice conferencing abilities and connective versatility there; it is worth its high price range. It features more modular compatibility, any hardwire connections and WI-FI support. Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth capabilities and 720p video making it more popular.

In addition, it supports 10/100/100 switches, and it has two USB ports. Its 24-bit VGA color makes the quality of this phone’s five nice widescreens feel like a desktop rather than a VoIP phone.

9.  Polycom VVX 450

It is one of the great VoIP phones that could be suitable for your business due to its fantastic features. It supports a 10/1000/1000 Ethernet connection, has two USB ports, and has 12 lines.

Besides, it has supportive features for conferencing calls enabled by full-duplex speakerphones, and employees can use call centre headsets via the RJ-9 port unit. In addition, it is suitable for small business teams that need easy coordination, as the device can support 3-Way local conferencing.

More amazing, this phone model is designed for crisp audio prioritizing. With its Polycom® Acoustic Fence™, external disturbances such as echoes and noises are blocked.

10.  Grandstream GXV3275

If you ever wished to have a VoIP phone for easy organizing events for your small business, a device that can easily integrate with Google Voice, opt for Grandstream GXV3275. It is designed to be compatible with any SIP-related services, making operation more enjoyable.

Other features that enhance user experiences with this VoIP phone include HDMI, SD, and USB compatibility and a Plantronics port to support headsets. It also featured HD audio and a 1MP camera with a privacy shutter. Besides supporting six lines, enjoy a great 6″ touchscreen resolution of 1024×600.

It is a nice model if you want to use the Android mobile phone apps on your VoIP phone.


Yes, you can choose a VoIP phone, and add it to your VoIP phone system, but you now have the option to choose a hybrid communications solution where you won’t need to worry about office infrastructure, and all your staff can work from anywhere.

conXhub is the #1 hybrid communications solution for the new hybrid era!

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