A Thousand Number order!

1000 new phone numbers ordered on back of faultless ConXhub service!

The pioneering communications technology ConXhub this week received an order for 1000 additional phone numbers to add to a clients existing 700 numbers – the first of several forthcoming large orders.

The truth is ConXhub is changing the face of the communications industry, client by client.

ConXhub is an evolution in communications. Whilst every other provider in the world was focused on VoIP technology, and trying to squeeze VoIP in to your mobile phone, ConXhub took a different view, and pioneered and patented technology to utilise the mobile cellular network. The result, is a beautiful blend of communication tools, HD crystal clear call quality and 100% separation of personal and business communications, on one device.

“We view your mobile phone as the center of all your communications”, says Mark Trowbridge, ConXhub founder. “Yes you can receive communications on your PC, your desktop phone or your tablet, but the number one, best place bar none is your mobile phone!” Second to that you want to be mobile…. you want to be able to take a call at your desk but then wander around the office, or make a call as you are leaving the office and continue that call as you grab a coffee at your local cafe or jump in to an Uber to head for your next meeting. With Conxhub this is all a breeze – try doing any of these things with VoIP!

This latest order is an affirmation that ConXhub is a product streets ahead of the competition.

Just over 9 months ago this client was running a small 20 agent call centre using traditional VoIP desk phone technology. They were using one UK national 033 phone number for all their outbound call campaigns and obviously struggling to work out which campaigns callers were calling in from.

However, their biggest frustration was with downtime when their internet would die and take out all their phones. ConXhub was recommended to them and since switching they haven’t looked back:

  • Ability to call out from any campaign phone number – currently circa 2000 phone numbers to choose from.
  • 0% downtime – operates independently of office internet
  • Freedom of movement for agents – are more relaxed, stand up more, become more animated and generally sound happier on the phone.
  • Less than 2% missed call stats – our gamified notification system just works beautifully
  • Flexibility – agents can be added or removed from the system and campaigns in seconds and with no equipment to install can even work remotely if they are unable to get to the office.
  • Service – This latest request for 1000 phone numbers was completed and numbers went live within 15 minutes of the order. Our systems have been designed from the ground up to accommodate clients needs as rapidly as possible.
  • Cost savings – low Wholesale call charges, no infrastructure
  • Increased business – a proven track record has allowed the client to garner even more business – ability to fill gaps in periods of high demand on the fly – currently averaging over 2000 calls per day.

By 2025 over 58% of desk phone usage will have converted to Mobile Technology – fact!

ConXhub is 100% risk free… no contracts, no infrastructure costs and you can keep all your existing systems in place while you try. You can try from just one user or the whole team, and we’re pretty certain you’ll be pleased you did and never look back…

ConXhub patented tech has completely re-engineered business communications away from VoIP putting the mobile phone and the cellular network at the heart, driving greater efficiency, improved user experience and increased savings

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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