3 Tips on Streamlining Your Marketing Campaign with SMS and SMS2Mail Services

Today’s consumers pay attention to SMS. Hence, enterprises need to harness the power of this medium and make the most of the messages they deliver. 

It’s no surprise that a lot of organizations are looking through SMS marketing best practices to boost their sales, keep their patrons engaged and expand their customer base. Bankmycell tallies 4.78 billion mobile phone users across the globe as of September 2020. And as more people acquire mobile devices, enterprises must focus on interacting with consumers through this channel. 

This is why it’s important to incorporate a marketing SMS service in your operations. You need the right tools and techniques to reach users, so that you can increase efficiency and effectively cut down on expenses while maintaining consumer trust. 

By combining a suitable marketing software with SMS marketing best practices, you can give customers what they expect from your business. They no longer have to jump through hoops to engage with you, since you’ve already paired your message with the medium they prefer. 

With the right SMS campaign ideas, you can boost 3 things simultaneously: customer retention, conversion and engagement. So let’s get started. 

1. Make your SMS marketing strategy disaster-proof 

It seemed like the world had stood in a standstill at the outbreak of COVID-19. Most enterprises encountered huge losses and had to deal with the extensive damage hurled at them by the pandemic. The Asian Development Bank says that the global crisis can cost the worldwide economy $5.8 to $8.8 trillion, which comprises 6.4 to 9.7% of the world’s economic output. 

Although the crisis remains, plenty of companies have viewed this pandemic as a learning experience for subsequent disasters and unexpected events they may encounter in the future. Organizations have started to invest in SMS and sms2mail services to keep in touch with customers during lockdown.

Using a reliable marketing SMS service, retailers reached out to their patrons to show support and solidarity during these trying times. They’ve also used these services so that their marketing staff can survive working from home during the pandemic. 

SMS campaign ideas should not be limited to increasing revenue. They must also be able to withstand catastrophic situations such as the coronavirus pandemic so that your business’s communication channels with customers continue to run. 

Because most SMS and sms2mail products are independent from any workplace infrastructure, your mobile communications can still commence, and your SMS campaign ideas can still be successfully carried out anytime despite working from a remote location. You can run multiple businesses from a single phone regardless of where you are, so you can breathe easy knowing that your marketing communications channels are not entirely shut down. 

Using these services, you can send bulk messages to your customers from your mobile and update them regarding any changes in your operations. You can add new customers to your list, so that they won’t be out of the loop as well. 

If there’s one thing COVID-19 taught us about creating the best SMS marketing campaigns it’s this: During the event of a disaster, maintaining connections with clients is vital. You have to let them know that you won’t leave them hanging and that no matter what, you’ll be there for them through thick and thin despite the unfortunate circumstances. 

In truth, you don’t have to have a lot of high-end devices and systems to run your business. Using ConXhub, you can get in touch and stay connected with your customers in a single mobile phone. Make and receive calls, create extra numbers, and collaborate in a virtual office.

2. Always add a personal flair to your SMS campaign ideas 

Personalization is part of every SMS marketing strategy out there. According to the 2019 Trends in Personalization Report, 98% marketers agree that personalization is integral in fostering customer relationships. Among these vast majority of marketers, 70% declare that personalization greatly affects the delivery of improved customer experiences, since it boosts customer loyalty and produces measurable ROI. 

When it comes to constructing the best SMS marketing campaigns, customers go crazy for personalization. SmartHQ found out that 72% of consumers only interact with marketing messages that are personalized and bespoke to their interests. While personalizing your messages is already a giveaway for most businesses, you also need to personalize where you actually send these well-thought messages. 

Sending your individualized SMS won’t be a problem if you use your marketing SMS service. Most platforms can integrate with a wide array of communication channels such as SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber. You can do this conveniently without having to switch codes or using another software. 

You can even go beyond sending SMS by merging your platform with other systems such as your company’s CRM, so that you can fully grasp your customers’ demands, behaviors and preferences. Doing so allows you to deliver a more personalized service for each buyer, which ultimately fosters their loyalty towards your brand. 

3. Spread your SMS marketing best practices to email 

Email remains a popular method of communication for customers. In fact, Statista tallied 3.9 billion email users worldwide in 2019, so if you subscribe to this service, you instantly gain a quick hassle-free way to immediately get in touch with not just clients but also employees, shareholders and even friends and family. But since we are focusing on incorporating SMS marketing best practices, we’ll be concentrating on expanding your SMS campaigns to email for your customers. 

Marketing your goods and services via email can be a quick, versatile and cost-effective method of expanding your customer base while retaining existing customers through encouraging repeat site visits. 

It’s a good thing some marketing SMS service offer sms2mail functions that allow you to forward your SMS to email addresses. Such a platform offers you a perfect gateway that can send SMS text messages to an unlimited number of people via email. The minute an SMS is received, it can be automatically sent to a pertinent email address without the need to log in your email address, and while the goal is to deliver the message to a single ID, users can still forward these messages to various addresses listed on the email system through a single mobile device. 

This saves you two steps: manually copying your SMS and sending it via email to your customer and manually copying your text to every email address on your mailing platform. Both save you a huge chunk of time executing your SMS marketing strategy, which means you can pour in more effort to the actual content of your messages. 

After all, content is king. Whether you’re delivering a message via SMS or email, if your content is deemed irrelevant, too frequent and undesirable, your SMS campaign ideas can do more harm than good. 

Engaging through SMS

Marketing through text does not only compel conversations with customers, it creates meaningful exchanges between you and your buyers. The goal of every enterprise’s SMS marketing strategy is anchored on enhancing customer engagement, and while executing a particular scheme up your sleeve might seem easy, cutting through the jungle of noise in order to increase conversions and customer retention can be a tough challenge. 

However, with the right tools to support your SMS campaign ideas, you can easily send messages about your products, services, events and other company updates that can drive your enterprise profit and turnover. 

This is why it’s essential for every business to have a reliable marketing SMS service that offers bulk messaging solutions that simplify their marketing operations. 

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