Best Phone System for Estate Agents

Defining the tools of the trade

What is the best phone system for Estate Agents?  This is a question that will have kept many office managers up at night. Working in a busy estate agency business requires constant connection to investors, sellers, buyers, and developers. Estate Agents need to be on regular training courses, must stay up to date with the latest trends in finance and mortgages and need to be kept informed of what is going on in their areas. It is a job that requires constant communication so a phone system that can offer all these services and more is essential to success.

Estate Agents must speak to sellers and keep them informed of the progress on selling their property. Sellers have made the decision to move house, and there is often a chain of sale. Everyone needs to be updated regularly.

Estate Agents must find buyers and keep them informed of what is going on in the market, in the local area, and with the properties that they have their eye on. Getting the viewings booked, the paperwork complete, the background checks and the arrangements finalized for the completion of the sale takes hours on the phone.

Estate Agents often work with property developers and investors. These people buy and sell houses quickly, they need up to the second information, so they know what is happening with their investment and their property portfolio.

Wow, it is a busy job. Most of it spent on the phone. The best phone for an estate agent must encompass all the above, and more!

Options for the best phone system for estate agents

There are 4 types of phone systems. Digital, VoIP, Hybrid or Mobile.


We can rule out the Digital phone immediately. A good estate agent is rarely tied to their desk. They need to be on the road, making sales, visiting their properties, and researching opportunities. Digital phones, stuck to a desk, might be the most reliable, but also the most restrictive


Voice over Internet Protocol phones require internet access and connection to work. Where there is good, strong, reliable, consistent internet connection, these phones work well.  Where there is not, they don’t. When you are stuck on a country road between viewings, there are often blackspots and internet phones are useless. When you are in busy cities, with tall buildings, low connection, hundreds of users, they are intermittent at best.  Estate Agents need to be connected all the time, so, until there is 100% internet coverage across the whole of the UK (probably never) VoIP phones are not the best phone system for estate agents.

Hybrid phone systems (Digital and VoIP)

Having the best of both words in your pocket is clearly the way forwards, however, you are still limited by the VoIP requirements of your phone system. Having a phone that works well in the office, and just as good when you are out of it is clearly a necessity. VoIP still limits users to make sure that they have connections that are reliable and strong enough to support their voice calls. This is not always the case.

Hybrid Phone Systems (Mobile)

Here we are on to a winner. Capable of working online, offline, in the office and outside on the mobile networks is a winning combination, offering the best of all worlds, and more! Having a phone system that supports landline, mobile, international, and local calls, ticks the box for all the call types. Using a phone system for estate agents with features like call divert, call waiting Hold Music and multiple number capabilities means that the important calls can be answered any place, any time and more sales converted.

Best Features of the best phone system for Estate Agents

One of the most important elements of a phone system is the phone numbers included in the system. Having sequential numbers shows the size of your company and shows that each person has their own direct line, easy to call, for simple and effective communication. The main number could be a vanity number, so that all your customers can easily remember your number and your marketing campaigns are effective.

International numbers are so important when working with investors and property developers, also when selling overseas, or when your buyers are expats looking to add to their rental portfolio.

Desktop integration, mobile apps and the ability for multiple users across multiple devices shows that you can be contacted on the go, whilst keeping calls, texts, and emails both personal and private separate and organized.

Call Divert, Call Forwarding or call transfer features mean that you can switch your phone off at the flick of a switch without dropping an important call from a buyer.

Benefits of the best phone system for Estate Agents

Having the ability to answer important calls from anywhere can lead to more sales, a better reputation in the industry and more repeat business.

VIP Numbers for Investors and Property Developers can give your company the edge when it comes to offering VIP Service for important and regular customers.

Dedicated lines for rental, admin, sales, and general customer service means that the purpose of the call gets routed to the person best suited to answer the query.

A different phone number for each property you are selling by different marketing channels helps you to understand your marketing strategy. Knowing where your properties and sales come from can really help to fine tune your marketing skills and reduce your marketing spend. Less money wasted means more profit in your pocket.

Call reporting shows how agents, branches, marketing campaigns, and departments are performing. In this age of working remotely, knowing who is on the phone and making those important calls, converting sales, and driving your business forwards is vital for managers.

Keeping call charges down by maximizing mobile minutes, pay plans and local numbers means that you are saving money on your phone bills. International calls can be expensive, and calls to different areas can add pence to the bill. Always having a local number, anywhere in the world can reduce costs and increase profits.

Having full mobile functionality means that all you need is one mobile phone to do the whole job. No need for multiple handsets or multiple phones!

In 2025 the UK is planning to turn off the ISDN switch, making traditional phone systems redundant. Getting ahead of the curve will save time and money in the future.  Future proofing your business in these fast-moving times, is essential.

Best phone systems for estate agents are clearly mobile

Going mobile today will save time, money, and effort in the future. Since all features and benefits are leading down the path of the mobile phone system it is best to get ahead of the curve as soon as possible.

Contact the best mobile phone system provider for a detailed discussion about how to save money, be more responsive to your clients and future proof your telecommunications systems.

It could be the most important call you make this month.

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