Coronavirus Fears Increase Enquiries and Signups


Demand for ConXhub has seen a sudden spike with more employees being asked to work from home amid fears of a coronavirus ( Covid-19) spread.

ConXhub, which enables users to dial from their company phone numbers whilst using their personal mobile phones is the perfect solution for companies offering staff remote or flexible work.

The patented solution, requires no additional equipment, can be used on any smartphone and users can be set up and running in minutes.

Demand is spiking daily beyond the companies normal forecasts, and the movement of staff due to virus fears is a leading factor.

“When doing our SWOT analyses last year we identified a recession or downturn in global trade as a good thing for ConXhub as more companies would embark on cost saving exercises and our solution saves businesses money on communications, but we never thought of a virus having this effect.”

Mark Trowbridge

Supporting remote workers and those that work flexibly is a core USP for ConXhub. Users can literally work from anywhere, whether at home, the local library or a business hub and because ConXhub is non-VoIP using the mobile cellular network instead, means users don’t have to get in a flap trying to find a decent WiFi hotspot or using up their valuable mobile data plan.

The service means anyone with a smartphone can communicate from the company phone numbers as though they are at their desk the whole time keeping their personal mobile phone number private.

Adding company users and their phone numbers to the system takes minutes and inbound calls can easily be re-routed to users even though they are not in the office.

Remote working is on the increase, and there are plenty of tools and services available to facilitate fantastic working experiences between company and staff – it seems the Coronavirus could play a huge part in fast forwarding predictions that by 2025, 55% of the workforce will be working remotely.

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