How to fax from your iphone. Yes, it is a thing (still)

If you are old enough to remember the first Apple slogan “There’s an app for that”, you are probably of a similar age to people who used fax machines regularly. The fax machine was developed over a hundred years in 1843 by Alexander Bain but only got very popular in the 1980s and 1990s, especially across Europe and the USA. Now combining history with modern technology there is a fax revival going on. And there are Fax Apps for that.

If you don’t know, maybe you are too young to have used a fax machine, you can send paper documents over the phone lines to a receiving fax machine that prints it out good as new.  The voices of the younger generation are screaming “Why not send an email?”

A fax machine transmission was the norm before the internet took off.  Yes, there was life before the internet. It was the fastest and safest means of sending documents from one place to another. Businesses used them, schools, and they are still used today in government offices and in the legal and health care professions.

The Fax revival is coming about due to the risks of sending emails, the data breaches of online chat platforms and the fact that the humble fax machine has stood the test of time across some key industries in the developed world. 

Have you ever filled out a form and seen the words “Fax Number” and wondered what that is?  That shows that it has survived the test of time, because so many people and companies, still have a fax number and require it for some communication.

Modern alternatives to Fax

We have mentioned the email.  How many times have you heard about hackers gaining access to systems through a link in an email?  Or data breaches of email data? The email is one of the most unsafe methods of transmitting data online. But it is widely used by everyone in business, for social engagements and for school. People need an email address to register for apps, to buy things online, to have a social media account and for their online banking. An email is a part of your online digital identification.  An email address is however, easy to delete, change and set up a new one, so people often hide behind email addresses and change them frequently.

Reading this, you are probably thinking, “Yes, I have a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, work email. I could probably get rid of some of those!”

The email is an unsafe means of transmitting data. The Fax machine is a much safer way. Point to point transmissions of important data and sensitive documents going quickly from one user to the other. They can’t be intercepted, they can’t be copied and forwarded like an email, they are a secure means of communicating important and sensitive information.

Slack and other online chat facilities offer the functionality of drag and dropping documents into their chat rooms and one-to-one communications. Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and even Facebook Messenger allows for the transmission of documents. These documents can easily be passed on to others, forwarded, shared, and can reach the eyes of people they were not intended for.

The requirement for sending important documentation over long distances is just as great today, as it was in the 1990s. More documents are sent online today than ever before, and since a lot of these documents are very sensitive, there is still a place for the safe and secure fax machine.

Modern uses for Fax Machines

The modern use of the fax machine was emphasized during the Covid outbreak when many remote locations did not have modern technology or connection to the internet, so data was transmitted via fax machine.  Covid data was sent by doctors, hospitals, and researchers around the world over fax lines and collated in one centralized location for reporting on the outbreak.  This was a slow process, but the data was secure and organized and it got to the right place, in the correct format.

Many doctors’ surgeries need to send prescriptions, and physician notes across secure methods. If someone is in care, or seeing multiple doctors, they all need to communicate with each other, and fax messages are still commonplace in the healthcare system. 

Government offices use fax machines between departments and from local government offices to national offices. Where there are decisions to be made, and communities relying on safe and secure communication, Fax steps up to meet the needs. Seeing “Fax Number” on government forms is still very common. More often than not, people put “Not applicable” but the option remains due to the popularity of facsimile communication throughout Local and National Government.

Sales contracts can get lost, or forwarded to the wrong people if they are sent via WhatsApp or email. These are important documents, especially if they are for big money contracts. Where there is a need for speed, security and sensitivity, Fax Machines come to the rescue.

Property contracts are important documents. They involve several people signing off on the purchase or development of the property. Mortgage Advisers, Financial institutions, Property developers and Homeowners all need to communicate sensitive and important information which is best done through fax on your iPhone.

The Legal Profession often use fax machines to communicate between offices, courts, police, and government agencies. These documents can not get lost, or the legal profession fails, and criminals can walk free.  The power of the Fax Machine here is essential to keep the wheels of justice turning.

Apps to download to send fax on your iPhone

There are several apps that can be downloaded so you can use Fax on your iPhone. Some of these include Fax App, Fax Forward, Super Fax and My Fax. 

These Apps for Fax on your iPhone scan documents and send them securely to other fax users.  Using your iPhone users can scan documents, even multiple page documents then easily, quickly, and securely send them via any device connected to the internet to the end users.  This is bringing the Fax Machine from the 1990’s firmly into the 2020s and beyond.

Having a unified communications hub for all communications, including fax, means that all your communications are stored safely in one place. You are in control of your communication, and you facilitate any means of communication for your customers.

Unified Communications includes fax on your iPhone

Unified communications mean SMS, Email, Phone, Video channels, Social Media messages and now Fax Communication can all be stored in one Communication Hub. This communication hub can be linked to your CRM and accessed by anyone needing to know the communication of the users. This is perfect for providing excellent customer service as well as building marketing projects and business development projects to support your business growth.

An integrated communications solution could fit into the palm of your hand. Imagine the size of a fax machine, a computer, a telephone, and all the cables that go with them to make them work. How much room would that take up?  Using your iPhone, you could have all these different channels for communication in the palm of your hand. That is a super phone, and a great way of saving time, effort, and energy. 

Super phone for fax, email, and all communications on a simply monthly plan that could be cancelled at any time, giving you the freedom and flexibility to communicate with everyone, from anywhere, all the time. If communication is key, then having a super phone with an integrated communication solution is the skeleton key to the city.  The world revolves around communication, but not everyone communicates the same. Giving everyone in the world the opportunity to communicate with you, if the way that they feel most comfortable grows your network and your brand much faster.

Be the best communicator that you can be and work within an integrated communications solution covering every channel possible, all from the mobile phone in the palm of your hand!

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