How to Survive Working from Home

Working from home has long seemed like a luxury only the lucky few get to do. In this instance though, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the reality is set to be very different. Here we look at how you can get through it and thrive
working from home

We’re living through an unprecedented time and Coronavirus (COVID-19) is set to change how we live our lives, especially if you’ve never worked from home before and you’re expected to do so now.

Working from home has long seemed like a luxury only the lucky few get to do. In this instance though, the reality is set to be very different.

Yes, you can have conference calls with no pants on, but for many there will be some big-time drawbacks.

Firstly, let’s consider those who aren’t fortunate enough to work from home on occasion. Is there even a suitable place to take yourself off to and get some work done? Is the house big enough for you to work alongside all the rabble?

Even if you are one of the fortunate few who regularly work from home and you have a home office set up, this is going to be different than the relaxed paradise you normally find yourself in.


Because the chances are all your family will be home, every day, for months! The cat will need feeding. Your other half will get sick of looking after the baby. There will be noise. Lots of it.

Everything you know and love about home working is set to disappear, if it hasn’t already.

Luckily for you, we’ve thought about all of this. Here’s what we suggest to get you through it all.

Develop a new routine

Routines matter. And even more so in times of change and uncertainty. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the same things every day – life is likely to get repetitive enough over the coming weeks and months!

Just have a structure. Split up different types of tasks into different segments of each day. Make time to look after yourself and spend some quality time with your family if you have one too. See this as an opportunity to develop a better work/life balance. There’s always opportunity in chaos.

You can’t escape but don’t hate, communicate

It’s obviously going to be incredibly difficult for everyone during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Even the most loving families will come to blows if they’re on top of each other all the time so it’s important to talk and set some new rules for these unprecedented times.

Set some boundaries, implement some family rules, split basic household tasks, schedule breaks from work at specific times, and above all, work together to get through this.

Dedicate some workspace

Working from home is working, so make sure you dedicate somewhere in the house to work from like you would at the office.

Agree it with others in the house and make it clear that they shouldn’t disturb you during certain times. Unless, of course, something urgent happens – like the toddlers favourite teddy goes missing.

Stay positive

There’s two ways to approach the current situation:

  1. With fear
  2. With practicality and positive planning

Let’s presume you’re not going to die and act accordingly. You know, like every other day.

With all the news circulating, the constant change in the situation, the uncertainty and social media, it can be hard to set your mind on anything else. Even in times like this, it’s important to stay focused only on what you can control and have a long term strategy.

When all’s said and done and we’re hopefully through the other side of this in a few months, you’ll want to be in the best position possible. Those who keep positive and work as hard as they can now, will reap the benefits later.

Develop new ways of working

The way we communicate as businesses is going to need to change quite drastically. Internally and externally.

We’re not going to be able to simply walk across the room and speak to our colleagues and meetings with clients and suppliers are pretty much off the table.

This is where we can help. We have a whole host of solutions that enable remote working and we can help make sure that all your departments remain not just operational, but effective.

So, whether you simply want your calls diverted to home phones or mobiles, or you need a more complex solution, we’ve got you covered.

It’s business as usual for us as we’re used to working this way. Call the team anytime on 0208 099 8889, we will look at your individual circumstances and give you some free recommendations.

While you’re at it, find out more about our service here – ConXhub, it’s bloody marvellous!

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