Landline Number on Mobile

Wall Mounted Landlines

Do you remember having a landline?  A wall-mounted phone, with the extendable cable that you had to pick up and navigate around your living room, to make sure that no one tripped over it, or pulled the cable from the wall mid conversation?

That curled cable that got as twisted as unwashed hair and just as hard to untangle? The phone plugged into the wall, that when it rang the whole family jumped up to answer it to see who it was calling at this hour?  

The landline might soon be a thing that you see in museums or read about in history books. It is getting faded out and the Mobile Generation is advancing. With everyone from the age of 6 and up having their own mobile phone, is there still a need for the landline phone?

Landline Numbers are still essential

The landline phone number remains one of the most important contact points for a business.  Yes, businesses these days have Live Chat, emails, SMS, and social media for contact points, but more than 2 thirds of people still say that resolutions are faster over the phone. Complaints are deal with faster, sales converted better, products and services explained clearer. The landline number remains a vitally important element of every business’s contact strategy.

If the desktop phone is being replaced with mobile phones, or computer-based telephone technology, and landline wall-mounted phones are nearly extinct, how can you still effectively use a landline number?

Customers prefer to call a landline number. If your business only has mobile phone numbers, it looks like there is no fixed office space. If your business has a local number in the nearest city to the customers, that local presence can generate trust and sales. Landline numbers show that your office is nearby should they need to call in and speak to someone. Landline numbers are cheaper to call and usually included in free minutes on mobile plans. Landline numbers show that you have an office. Even when you don’t. Landline numbers can also show that you have an international office. Your business has just grown significantly by having a New York number, which you answer from your cottage in the New Forest.

Landline numbers on mobile phones offer the best of both worlds.

Landline Number On Mobile

With the 2nd wave, 3rd wave, 4th wave, and tidal wave there is an ever-increasing need for flexibility and adaptability in your telecommunication strategy. We do not know if we can go to the office, stay at home, set up an office in the garden shed, or work from the car.

We do know that we need to keep working and remain connected to our customers and employees.

Everyone has a mobile phone.

Combining what we know and what we have, means that if your business landline number was on your employees mobile phones, it would not matter where in the world they are, they can keep on working and supporting your company.

With ConxHub your landline number can be on your mobile phone. You can set up hunt groups, divert calls to where they need to go, and monitor and manage your communications, all from your mobile phone. Landline numbers on your mobile phone are an essential way of managing communications during this pandemic and the next.

Remote Working is here to stay

Businesses that offer remote working will attract the best staff. Employees today love to have a good work-life balance. They want to be able to work remotely at least some of the time. If your company offers remote work, you will continue to grow.  If you only offer a fixed desk, with a landline phone connected by cables to a port in the floor, reminiscent of the 1990’s office set up, today’s modern workers will be put off.

Landline numbers on mobiles can be as good as, if not better than the phone system that your company currently uses. The standard features of call divert, call reporting, IVR Routing, call recording and much more can all be done from your mobile phone. Landline numbers on mobile phones can provide your staff the freedom that will lead to success and trust in the business.  Retention rates improve, numbers of calls answered go up, which in turn generates more profit for your business, and at the same time, you have happy remote working staff.

Landline numbers on mobile phones can lead to successful, engaged, and motivated employees, giving their best to your company because you give them the best.

You might think that setting up a landline number on your mobile phone is time-consuming and technical. If you contact us, you will see how easy it can be.

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