Mobile PBX: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?


Juggling multiple phone numbers can be a hassle, and there’s no reason you should be required to own (and regularly pay for) multiple phones when a single device can handle all your numbers easily. That’s where ConXhub and our mobile PBX system come in.

We believe that 1 phone and 1 SIM card are all you should need to stay connected to both your business and your personal life. Our mobile PBX service will help you simplify your life and organise your life more effectively.

What Is Mobile PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange systems, and this network of telephones allows a single mobile device to act as though it is multiple phones in one because you can attach multiple numbers and contact information to a single phone. Put simply? Mobile PBX allows you to redirect incoming phone calls to the device of your choice, even if it’s routing calls to several numbers to a single mobile phone.

Benefits of Connecting My Mobile to PBX

There are many great reasons to consider switching your phone to a PBX system. Some of the top reasons our customers tell us they are switching include:

  • Forwarding calls from one device to another is easy
  • The ability to communicate from any number anywhere, even while traveling
  • The convenience of only needing to keep one mobile device on hand
  • Save money by buying only one device (and if there are multiple people in your company who would otherwise be carrying multiple multiple devices, you can save even more)
  • If a device is damaged, only 1 SIM card is lost, making it easier and more affordable to replace
  • Make calls from your business numbers while using your mobile form. Say goodbye to being tied to your desk phone
  • Easily connect to teammates, co-workers, project partners, and employees
  • Get free SMS messaging that allows you to reach customer’s inboxes directly (and in a cost-effective way)
  • Get the options to have texts sent to your email or to an online portal for easier reading
  • All the phone numbers you receive are “real numbers” that are connected to your name. If a website requires a phone number verification in order to sign up for services, you can easily supply one of your numbers, as they are all treated as real but allow you to give “spam numbers” to websites you do not feel comfortable giving your business or personal number to. Turn Do Not Disturb or Voicemail on to handle unwanted messages
  • Add as many numbers to a single device as you like, and all of these numbers can be kept for as long as you need them for
  • Get call analytics and recording to make spoken messages easier to refer back to later

Perfect Fit for Remote Work

Call centre software is no longer just for big companies that have a literal call center. Furthermore, they no longer work only within the fixed space of an office or company. Now, employees can have all the features of a communications manager on their own smartphone.   Ie. A mobile PBX.

Recent changes to the way in which we work,  have forced companies to break away from the traditional face-to-face work environment. In fact, today’s largest companies do not depend on their physical facilities, supervisors and schedules to function. Their workers can perform their work from the comfort of their homes whether in the same country or the other side of the world. This economical and efficient style is only possible thanks to the mobile PBX.  

Many would think that implementing an online virtual switchboard is only useful for companies that have a call centre. But in essence, this type of service is rather the improvement of the traditional call centre system for companies. However, its features and benefits go much deeper.

What is fundamental with any mobile PBX is its virtuality.  One of its many benefits is that it doesn’t require the usual installations, equipment, or expenses within the companies that hire it. Not also forgetting that it is virtual because its data is also stored in the cloud service.

Firstly, an online virtual PBX offers companies functions and features to handle their call flows. Secondly, it now incorporates much more varied and useful modules, which provides opportunities to improve communication beyond traditional telephone communication.

The mobile PBX is not only a solution but an opportunity. Nowadays, remote work is a trend that is very current due to its multiple advantages. Also, this formula is usually much more economical because the maintenance of an office can be costly. With this in mind, this comms model is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • International hiring: Many companies prefer to hire personnel in other countries for various reasons. The most common reason is that they find good workers in other places at slightly lower salaries. In many of these cases, the mobile switchboard is ideal for hiring and controlling the work of this type of worker, especially for customer service tasks.
  • Special situations: Situations such as the COVID 19 pandemic demonstrated that it is sometimes important to be able to work remotely. In such cases, having a mobile switchboard can facilitate the provision of services even when detached from a physical office.
  • Virtual store: Many virtual stores are managed by very small groups of people. In these cases, a basic call centre software service and the virtual switchboard module can be contracted. In this way, calls and orders can be handled formally, from a single business number and all from cell phones.

The best thing is that there are many situations in which companies can take advantage of this tool. Of course, everything will depend on the type of activity and also on the role performed by each team member.


Switching your mobile phone to a PBX system can be hugely beneficial to both your business and your personal life, whether you want to switch to a single phone for your own convenience or you are ready to completely replace your company’s telephone switchboard system for the convenience of the mobile PBX system. When you have multiple numbers that forward calls and texts to a single device, you can set up different profiles and designate a particular number to each one. Give different numbers to different people for different purposes and easily manage your work and your personal calls without the stress and inconvenience of carrying more than one device around with you.

If you are looking for an affordable, permanent solution to manage multiple phone numbers, give ConXhub’s PBX mobile platform a try and gain full control over all your communications anytime, anywhere

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