No Support Tickets? The support system must be down!

Surely, there is something wrong with the support system? That is what I thought when I noticed we hadn’t had any support tickets all day! Surely, there is something wrong with the support system?

However, all was running fine and on top of that we had just had one of our busiest days for handling clients inbound and outbound calls – everything was running in the green.

For anyone running a communications company this is almost unheard of – no clients with problems or issues of any kind? Impossible. There are always issues with connectivity and broadband. Somewhere on any given day, there is an internet issue!

However, here is the beauty of ConXhub… it is broadband independent. Unlike SIP desk phones, it does not need or rely on a clients broadband connection and so when that fails for whatever reason, it does not effect the ConXhub service.

As a company, when we transitioned all our clients away from Desk Phones over to ConXhub, we were able to remove a whole layer of technical support, there was no longer a need for engineers and on site maintenance, instead a small core team to handle any new client on-boarding issues.

Remembering back to the good old days of Desk Phone technology, I recalled over 90% of support tickets arising as a result of a clients internal broadband being at fault. So in reality I shouldn’t have been surprised!

ConXhub is an evolution in communications technology allowing YOU to make and receive calls from any phone numbers on your personal mobile phone, keeping personal and work calls completely separate. and allowing you to communicate from anywhere.

It utilises patented Mobile Cellular, non-VoIP technology to ensure every call is HD quality, and users don’t need to run around trying to find a WiFi connection or lose all their precious mobile data.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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