Receiving calls from unknown callers?

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Getting loads of phone calls from unknown numbers can be very annoying and time-consuming. It is also risky and a concern for your personal data & call from the unknown callers.  If you do not know the numbers that are calling you the obvious question is, “Where did they get your number from?”.  Followed quickly by “Who are these people calling me?”.  There are sites to use to type in a number and find out who it is that is calling, but there are more concerning issues to address first. When receiving calls from unknown callers, it’s time to protect yourself.

Firstly, you should consider your data protection and consider disconnecting the number that they are calling.  You could port over all your contacts to a new number, or simply add a new number to your mobile phone through conxhub. Having a phone number that people do not know is yours, is a great online data protection strategy.  Protecting your phone number is as important as protecting your personal data.  Your mobile number can be used as a form of ID and is the gateway number for most of your online transactions. Your mobile number coupled with your email address are the 2 doorways to your online identity. They should be guarded and protected just as your driving license and passport are protected.

Secondly, once you have guarded your personal data and protected your mobile phone number, you can start to use different apps and websites to find out who it is that is calling you from different numbers.

The most popular website that people use to type in a phone number and find out who it is that is calling is called CocoFinder.  This website will give you information on the number that is freely available from online sources. If there is limited information available, it obviously will not be of much use, but the bigger the online footprint associated with the number that is calling you, the more information you will get.

Other sites include Spokeo and People Finder. Again, using online algorithms these sites give age, contact info, and other such information gleaned from online sources about the number that you are looking up.  

If the phone number that you want to look up is used online and associated with a person, or a company, there will be traceable and trackable data linked to that number.  Some apps require subscriptions and payments whereas others offer a free service. You might think that you get more information on paid searches, however, the free services offer a comprehensive report, if data is available.

The easiest and most simple way of finding out who it is that is calling you is to call them back and ask, “Who is this, and why are you calling me?”.  If you choose that option, that may ask data protection questions. Do not give them anything until you know who they are and why they are calling.  

You must protect your online data as much as possible at all times.

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