Recruitd switch to ConXhub and instantly achieve a 15% increase in output.

“I’m in New York and I communicated with London for over an hour today, on a mobile call which was HD quality without VoIP and without the usual mobile call charges. I then proceeded to call 3 other continents without a break in the service, something that simply was not possible before ConXhub.” Kevin Childs – US Lead (Recruitd)

Recruitd were previously using a leading global VoIP supplier, but experienced multiple delays in getting users setup and with the supply of phone numbers. The major problem though, was with call quality and connectivity, with many staff simply having ‘frustrating’ days given their inability to communicate properly.

Since the switch to ConXhub, we have already seen a 15% increase in output and a 100% increase in staff confidence

Kevin Childs

Recruitd is leading the recruitment industry in to the next era of talent acquisition using the power of social media, and being able to communicate effectively with clients and candidates is essential.

“Only yesterday we had 2 new starters, 1 leaver and a requirement for 2 new phone numbers. The orders and changes were completed in minutes, something that used to take us days if not weeks.”

ConXhub is an evolution in communications technology allowing YOU to make and receive calls from any phone numbers on your personal mobile phone, keeping personal and work calls completely separate. and allowing you to communicate from anywhere.

It utilises patented Mobile Cellular, non-VoIP technology to ensure every call is HD quality, and users don’t need to run around trying to find a WiFi connection or lose all their precious mobile data.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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