Robotic Restaurants – Service of food without people

Robotic restaurants have been popping into our newsfeeds even before the imposition of lockdown due to 2019 Coronavirus. But now they are becoming trendy, fashionable and taking centre stage in the restaurant world. Technology has come a long way and now that social distancing is essential, businesses owning a restaurant are benefiting from this innovation. Robotic Restaurants are also a great marketing strategy.

Would you want your food served by a Robot?

The impact of the lockdown and severity of the virus make the contact-free offerings of these autonomous inventions more appealing to others by the day. Robotics is a big component in manufacturing sectors such as automotive and aviation, but in the hospitality and travel sector? We can say that they are relatively sparse. Netherlands has their own robot waiters while China has fully automated restaurants. The concept of a human-free dining service may partially alleviate the anxiety of eating out for people who fear to be infected by the virus from other customers.

In the United Kingdom, co-founder Mark Swannell, has created a robotic innovation from recycled materials and toured them around the country.

The success of his robot cafe at one exhibit made him and co-founder Joy Gittens decide to expand the idea to a permanent restaurant in the English city of Milton Keynes and named it Robotazia, which opened in late August of 2020.

Can the future of the workforce be replaced by robots? 

Customers normally say they prefer a human element to their interactions however, Covid-19 has changed that, according to Martin Ford. Big and small businesses are expanding how they use robots to increase social distancing and reduce the number of personnel that have physically attend work. Robots are also being used to perform roles workers cannot do at home. Even though robots are foreseen to be dominating the workforce, we cannot deny that human labour is still an imperative component in running a business.

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