Skype for Business Multiple Phone Numbers

Skype for business users often complained that there was only one number that could be used per account. This limited the functionality of the VoIP communication system and, although

A Bit of History for one of the first videotelephony systems

Skype for business users often complained that there was only one number that could be used per account. This limited the functionality of the VoIP communication system and, although it was cheap and simple, could cause people to look elsewhere for better and more flexible options. This popular platform was purchased by Microsoft in 2011 and developed up to 2017 when it was decided by Microsoft to phase it out with the replacement platform now called Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft lead the way in VoIP communication technology from the launch of their Office Communicator in 2007 which has been renamed, rebranded and developed through several names, including Skype for Business through to Teams today.  Skype was first launched back in 2003 and has grown to helping millions of users send billions of messages over the years.

Skype for business multiple phone numbers concept allowed users the ability to have multiple lines into the same system. This has now been turned into one of the leading communication software solutions in the industry. With their functionality available on iOS and Android phones, as well as desktops, tablets, and laptops everyone could use it and the popularity grew.

Multiple Phone Numbers on Skype for Business

With this growing popularity focus was given to the user experience to increase functions, services, and applications. Skype for business needed multiple phone numbers for more businesses to use it. The chat facility, texting, calling, video messaging, conference calling and video calling all grew from the customers requesting additional features. As more businesses use VoIP technology for calling, communicating both internally and externally and the video capabilities, skype for business multiple phone numbers took communications to a new level.

Multiple phone numbers are necessary so more people can use the platforms available, calling more companies and countries through the technology available. Skype for business multiple phone numbers is available on servers and online until 2025, when it will be fully phased out and taken over by Teams, or by the newest version of that communication platform at that time.

Skype for business can offer multiple phone numbers through the Office 365 integrations and by subscribing to different call plans, setting up numbers and paying a monthly fee for the products. With the connection through Office 365, it is a very popular platform for video, voice, and text communications.

How to use Skype for Business Multiple Phone Numbers

Since it is available through Microsoft 365, the first thing to do is to log in, or set up accounts through that service. There are 3 different plans available to subscribe to, they include a basic package, a standard and a Premium package, all with different costs and additional features.

Once the account is set up, decide which device it will be best used on. Mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablets and then ensure that the latest version is successfully downloaded onto the device.

If the device does not automatically populate the contacts list, ensure that important contacts are added and set into contact groups or lists.

Set up your phone numbers, and make sure that people know your numbers. Testing them for in coming and outgoing calls is important. Some numbers require credit to be added to make sure that the account has enough funds to make and receive the calls.  

Once these steps have been completed, customers can start using skype for business on multiple phone numbers.

Additional Features

Whilst multiple phone numbers are a great feature, there are additional features also available to further improve and enhance user experience. Call forwarding, customized ringtones, and a wide variety of user devices can make this platform even more useful for the consumer.

Privacy relationship groups can help to segment home and work phone numbers. The 2 primary sources of multiple phone numbers for skype for business come from the work life balance paradigm. Ensuring that your phone has a directory for personal use and a directory for business use should be the starting point for any communications platform venturing into the usage of multiple numbers.

Call Forwarding across multiple numbers in Skype for business can mean that phone calls are never missed. The default setting allows for just one number ot be added for call forwarding. It is important to recognize that up to 3 numbers can be added in for call forwarding purposes. Where multiple numbers are added they are called in sequence, so make sure that you think about the people receiving these calls and the knowledge and skills they have for resolving the calls coming through.

The future of Skype for Business

Skype for business will be removed from servers in 2025, so there is still plenty of time to port numbers and contacts over. The service was discontinued in July 2021, but the launch of Microsoft Teams has shown the importance that Skype for business played in developing multiple number calling across several communication mediums.  Microsoft Teams is the business adaption of Skype, but for the consumer to call and communicate with friends and family, Skype remains a popular choice.

For the best Non-VoIP alternative to calling multiple numbers for business, ConxHub offers unrivalled communications. Having multiple numbers on one phone has several benefits and I am sure that we can all agree that Skype for Business has led the way in developing the groundwork for this communication technology, but as the red phone boxes of London and landline phones of homes across the UK have done in the past, it is time to recognize the need for modernization. Adapt to new technologies today.  

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