The Mobile Business Challenge

Research shows that 83% of businesses notice an increase in productivity from employees using mobile, when away from their desks. So it’s no wonder that more and more companies are prioritising their mobile solution above all else.

Good mobile to them means efficient remote working, connected travelling or global staff, and easy access to crucial tools and contacts.

Whether the end user is an SME or a major multinational, there is now an imperative to ensure that their staff are able to work from anywhere – not just in the office. In the contemporary commercial landscape there is frankly no room for companies that either can’t sanction mobile capabilities, or won’t invest in them. In fact, companies that act in this way are likely to be left behind by better-connected competitors, who are able to interact with their clients effectively and gain ground as a result.

Research suggests that over half (53%) of UK businesses cite mobile flexibility as crucial to business performance. They need to know that whenever they are not in the office, their ability to communicate won’t change.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that it does. Most mobile users today experience variable connectivity, with their data connection dropping out without warning when they hit their provider’s data not-spots.

ConXhub, overcomes these issues, by not being dependent on data, instead utilising the mobile voice network which covers over 99% of the UK – bottom line, even if you have 1 bar, you will still get a connection and an HD high quality call.

Mobile is a huge part of business convergence. With a unified solution, part of the attraction is the idea that the phone can always be answered, whether or not the operative is in the office. With ConXhub helping to control call routing and full phone number rationalisation, the business mobile becomes a fully functioning office tool – when the user is in the car, at home or at his or her desk.

Mobile capability is the biggest driver for change in corporate communications. It is changing how people work, where and when. And the growing opinion of business as a whole is that better mobile can be the catalyst for competitive advantage, gained through superior operational efficiency.

Business and employees alike, desire the ability to work from a single mobile device, and in addition to the enhanced connectivity, ConXhub’s patented multi-number technology, means that users can actually use their own personal mobile phone for work, keeping their personal phone number private and not having to carry a 2nd phone around with them.

ConXhub is helping transform the way people communicate, by giving them exactly what they desire and need – give it a try today.

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